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The Good News and the other news: Independence Caucus has Indiana seeing double ... twice, Part 3

All of this comes together in my mind as a big red flag, not only in reference to the men who are challenging Mr. Stutzman and Mr. Hankins in their respective races, but also with regard to those organizations which have come out in support of those men and have shared in the throwing of illegitimate mud. Most notable among these is the Independence Caucus which has opted not to grant their support to either Mr. Stutzman or Mr. Hankins, but have instead endorsed whole heartedly individuals who spend their time slinging lies and spouting a form of social-communism which they refer to by its politically correct name, Social Conservatism.

In the case of the 9th District congressional race, it seems to me that they have Indiana seeing double ... twice. While they have joined with Mr. Young in pointing out the "odd" relationship between Mr. Hankins and his twin brother, they have been favoring a candidate who is nothing less than the political twin of our Commander-in-Thief, President Barack Hussein Obama.

When campaigning for the presidency, Mr. Obama preached fiscal conservatism while failing to outline his plans for the promised "change," dug endlessly into the background of his opponents, refused to fully disclose information concerning his financial supporters and, when he found nothing there, made up their history, all the while spending millions of dollars to hide his own history.

Mr. Young has spent his campaign doing the same thing. I guess he thinks that if Americans were dumb enough to elect a social-communist for president, 9th District Hoosiers will be dumb enough to elect a social-communist representative.

But then again, how can we not? Also like Mr. Obama, Mr. Young's campaign has been linked to illegal activities.

The ideological similarities between Mr. Young and Mr. Obama are so very startling that when I told one of my regular readers that I had found a candidate who scared me as deeply as Mr. Obama did during his presidential campaign, he immediately said, "You mean Young, don't you?" Another regular reader caught the similarities and realized that this was exactly where I was going with this column series.

Is this a set of coincidences? I think not!

So why is the Independence Caucus supporting such a blatantly social-communist candidate? After much research, it is my humble opinion that it is due to their being every bit as corrupt at the core, as are the very political parties which they were created to counter act.

At the beginning of this series, I quoted the Lord saying that if our eyes are good it is because we are good. We in the Evansville area have not been given a solid, conservative, bible believing choice in the race for our seat in the US House of Representatives, but our neighbors in the 9th District have been and I am praying that the eyes of voters in the 9th District will be good tomorrow.


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