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The Good News and the other news: Christian, home schooler, terrorist threat? Part 4

I do not believe that it is a coincidence that the Obama administration targeted a home school family, since the State needs mandatory public education if they are going to effectively control the minds of the next generation and usher in their social-communist agenda in an effective manner. How better to turn the tide of public opinion against the institution of home schooling, than to depict home schoolers as terrorists and the parents who teach them as liars?

It is my guess that the Obamamen have legislation planned for the near future that would either severely penalize those of us who opt to educate their children at home or render home education illegal in a wholesale fashion. I know that there are those here in Evansville and the surrounding area who will call me crazy, stating that the Federal Government lacks the constitutional authority to interfere in the personal choices of parents with regard to their children’s education, but to them I will only say, "Since when does that stop them?"

Nor do I believe that it was by chance that his family is composed of devout Christians, since it is in the best interest of the leftists to label all sincere believers as "radicals" and "dangerous" in the eyes of non-believers and to strike fear into our hearts so that we will not resist their future efforts to implement their sick plans. After all, how far is the act of illegally arresting a teenager whose mother opts to home school him, from that of illegally arresting and detaining every Bible believing individual who dares to speak out against unbiblical activities going on in our society and the government which directs it.?

Finally, I do not believe that Ashton would have become a target, had he had a living father and a mother healthy enough to defend him. After all, it takes a certain type of person, a type called a "lowlife," to raid the home of a poor, disabled widow and steal away her 119 pound child; and it takes a certain form of scum, a type called a "coward," to need eleven of his buddies to assist him in doing so.

Scripture warns adamantly against the mistreatment of widows and orphans. It also commands us as to how we are to care for them, which leaves those of us who are believers no other choice than to make some form of stand on Ashton’s behalf.

For my part, I am going to be sharing the situation with the world through my column, by contacting every political official I have ever interviewed to ask for assistance and I intend to organize a series of seminars and book signings, the proceeds from which will go directly to Mrs. Lundeby to help with Ashton‘s legal battle. My question to you is, "What will you do?"

You may be wondering why we here in Evansville and Southern Indiana should be concerned with the wellbeing of some kid from Oxford, North Carolina, whom we have never even met. Frankly, it is because if we as Americans and believers allow this situation to go unchallenged, then it is only matter of time before the child being taken is mine or yours.


  • Jonathan E. Kiser 4 years ago

    I am getting the word out to as many as I can. It is sickening that this case has been ignored by the Media. I have asked so many people to help. I am awaiting their call. Meanwhile I post your articles everywhere I can. Thank you, Phillip, for being such a courageous and true patriot.

  • Jonathan E. Kiser 4 years ago

    Well, the media is Obama's propaganda tool. They will do whatever he says...he is ruining this country and the tidal wave effect will toss America for many decades to come and perhaps be the very death of our Nation...I seriously think he wants this to is obvious with all the bad policies that he passes. He is a treacherous president; arrogant and rotten to the core. He needs impeached, run out of office, and we need to work tirelessly upon restoring our Nation before it is too late. We must act. Stand up America- WE THE PEOPLE- and be accounted for in this time of desperation. Are we destined to fail and let doom spread through our childrens' future and their children too until no end? What an apathetic, lazy, and worthless Nation of cowards and slugs we are if we allow this to continue! Where is our MILLION PATRIOT MARCH!

  • Ashley 4 years ago


  • Informed 4 years ago

    After reading your series on Mr. Lundeby, I would like to point a few things out to you. I was at one time associated with the Lundeby family, and knew Ashton & his parents quite well, therefore I feel that I have a much better point of view than any half baked "liberty fighter".
    Ashton had been very misguided, and what happened should certainly not be fully blamed on him. His mother, Annette, has plenty of emotional problems, as does Ashton, but she chose to ignore those instead of seeking help which could have possibly altered these circumstances. Ashton was not home schooled as a choice, but as a last resort; he had been kicked out of several different schools over the course I was associated with his family.

    To the columnist: I am unsure whether you still read these comments, but I intend on emailing a copy of this message to you as I feel it is imperative as a piece to your well researched journalism.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Your dislike for the Obama administration is a desperate cry far from the "honest" journalism you claim to be a member of. While a dislike of the current governmental situation is certainly acceptable, as a newsman, as you pointed out in your first edition of the series, one should be informed, well versed, and prepared with both sides. With only Ms. Lundeby's side of the story, you're putting a story out there with minimal citations to corroborate your story, including how the USA Patriot Act of 2001 has nothing to do with the Obama administration, but in face George W. Bush of the Republican party. If you think it is a radical measure, please take it up with, what I can only assume from these articles, is your party.

    To the columnist: I am unsure whether you still read these comments, but I intend on emailing a copy of this message to you as I feel it is imperative as a piece to your well researched journalism.

  • Informed 4 years ago

    There's no doubt Ashton has intelligence beyond average in some areas, but it was channeled improperly, and is no excuse for his behaviors. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation has remanded him this long, there is certainly grounds for it. As you have noted, he is not a well known terrorist nor is he a high profile suspect; the feds have nothing to prove by detaining and convicting him. He has had several court dates, at which time the Patriot Act would either have been voided under grounds of dismissal, or upheld to have been fair in the respective court. According to federal code, interstate bomb threats via telephone are considered terroristic threats. Making calls to universities, grade schools, & federal buildings is certainly grounds to take every measure possible to assure they were not valid, and remained unfulfilled.
    In conclusion, I think that Ashton deserves a voice, and there should be more information given, if at least to his family, although from my personal experience, he does need help. I do hope there is resolve for his family with this and he gets the proper help and treatment he needs in prison.

    To the columnist: I am unsure whether you still read these comments, but I intend on emailing a copy of this message to you as I feel it is imperative as a piece to your well researched journalism.