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The Good News and the other news: Christian, home schooler, terrorist threat? Part 3

Ashton was eventually transported to Valparaiso, Indiana, practically the back yard of every freedom loving resident of Evansville, to the youth detention facility there, and for the past fifteen months has been housed along side several convicted rapists and other less than pleasant individuals. Besides blatantly violating US Code Title 18 Section 5035, his being housed in Indiana makes it next to impossible for Mrs. Lundeby to travel to visit him or to be present at his court dates and, his rights having been waived in the beginning has allowed an indefinite wait while the Federal Government decides what to do with their "dangerous terrorist."

It is evident to many who have considered the evidence, that in Ashton’s seizure the Government was exercising the powers of indefinite detention which it seized with the creation of the so-called American Patriot Act. This is a deduction which, despite continual denial by Federal authorities, several of my sources and now I have come to, each through independent research.

I have long preached against the evils of this Act and how it was designed in a manner which would allow the Federal Government to arrest and imprison anyone, at any time, for any or no reason at all. I have often been scoffed at for this position, usually by individuals who continued to be adamant in their belief that the Act only pertains to "radical Muslims," long after I had gotten them to admit that they have never actually read the law and are merely regurgitating what they have heard from some liberal talking head on television.

The fact is that it is really an (Un)American (Anti)Patriot Act. Under its auspices, anyone, even a fully law abiding, model American citizen can be imprisoned for life, for any or no reason at all, and Ashton Lundeby is a perfect example of its true intent.

During the Grand Jury process, there was a great deal of evidence which should have been presented but was not permitted to be disclosed. The very fact that Ashton has so many people who can swear that he was nowhere near his house at the time of the call should have gotten the whole thing thrown out, but not one of them was ever allowed to take the stand.

The Grand Jury also sought answers to several questions, which information would have shown Ashton to be innocent beyond any doubt. However, neither he nor Mrs. Lundeby was allowed to respond.

Anyone who has considered all of the evidence knows that the true culprit is the kid who was thrown out of the Skype group for hacking members’ accounts. However, said individual has apparently not even been questioned concerning the matter, despite one of my sources having indicated that said individual is now being held on other, unrelated charges.

Sadly, Federal law does not require that a minor be told of his right to have a parent present at his questioning and North Carolina has seen fit to deem any individual above the age of sixteen to be an adult with regard to the criminal interrogation process. However, the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution clearly states that a citizen shall not "be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself," yet Ashton has been repeatedly hounded during his stay in the Valparaiso facility, including one tape recorded session in which I am told he was repeatedly offered a plea bargain which would have seen him released with time served and probation if he would admit to the felony.

Sources also indicate that the Government took it upon themselves to finish the dental work which had been started on him just prior to his arrest. He had had some root canals and needed crowns, but instead they apparently filed his teeth and left him bleeding on a floor for several hours with no pain medication.

Afterward, I am told, they offered him yet another plea bargain and he again refused, stating that he will never plead guilty to something he did not do. Common sense says that there is no way he would still be holding out if he were in fact guilty.

So where, I wonder, are the bleeding heart liberals and the leftist controlled talking heads who pass themselves off as legitimate journalists, while lamenting the "torture" of known terrorists and the denial of "constitutional rights" to illegal aliens and foreign combatants? I mean, after all, Ashton is not a foreigner or a combatant and has not been convicted of anything.

This is a good old boy, American kid, who was heading for MIT until his life was destroyed for no reason. Now he has been denied any form of education for over a year and I am told that the Department of Education can do nothing, since to press the issue would be to interfere in a Federal investigation of a suspected terrorist.

It is my opinion that this whole mess constitutes a test by the Federal Government to see how the American people will react to such blatantly unconstitutional actions against one of our fellow citizens. Sadly, even most professing Christians and patriots have rolled over and looked the other way, for which I am ashamed of the whole lot of them.

I want very much to know what the patriotic people of Evansville and the rest of Indiana intend to do about this situation. What shall be the response of such locally based groups as the Freedom Makers and Constitution Now?


  • Courtney Castle 4 years ago

    So, I would just like to point out, that the detention center in Valparaiso can NOT hold rapists/etc. detainable in that facility. I spent a total of 2 years and 4 months there through out my whole teenage life (I'm only 17 now though) and they are not allowed to keep those types of charges in the same facility as minors, whether they were committed by other minors or not.

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