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The Good News and the other news: Christian, home schooler, terrorist threat? Part 2

Most of Ashton’s pranks came about as the result of discussions which took place amongst a group of internet "friends" who all communicated via Skype. In some cases Ashton did not even know the true identities of these individuals, but instead referred to them by their screen names.

One young man who was involved in the group was eventually caught hacking into the Skype accounts of the other members. As a result, he was booted out and could no longer take part in the group discussions.

However, he eventually contacted Ashton directly and offered to pay him to call in a bomb threat to Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana. Ashton knew well where goodhearted fun ends and illegalities begin and told the other boy that under no circumstances would he make such a call.

That was the last thing Ashton heard of the matter, until the night of March 5, 2009. That evening there was a knock at the door and Ashton answered it, because he saw a sheriff's deputy whom he knew.

When he opened the door, twelve armed Federal agents burst into the house and seized him. Their declared reason was that he had supposedly made the previously proposed bomb threat call from his house at around 9:00 on the evening of February 15, 2009.

The Federal Government has been holding him ever since, despite what appears to be an airtight alibi. It seems that while Ashton was supposedly making the bomb threat from his home, he was simultaneously taking part in a worship service some forty-five minutes away.

On that Sunday night, Ashton, his mother and sister went to church. They had a great time of fellowship and members of the congregation have vouched that the Lundeby family, including Ashton, were there the whole evening.

After church, the family went to Wal-Mart. They returned home at approximately 10:15 pm.

Still, when Mrs. Lundeby asked one Federal agent with the Terrorist Task Force why he and his associates were not going after real terrorists, he responded that they were doing exactly that. He said that such was the reason why they were taking her son.

Ashton claims that he spent the first thirty hours of his incarceration being forced to stand in the corner of a cold cell, surrounded by grown men. While local law enforcement officials have denied this claim, evidence presented later in the course of this series will clearly show that the Government’s claims in this case are of dubious integrity.

So where, I ask, are the bleeding heart liberals who cry seemingly continually on television about the blatant mistreatment of known terrorists? Navy SEALs who bloodied the lip of a known mass murderer recently faced court-martial and the leftist press had a hayday with the story, but an American kid can be subjected to needless physical hardships while awaiting his initial hearing and they crawl into their holes and await further orders from Washington.

Why the sudden media silence following the Government’s press release stating that Mrs. Lundeby was lying? Could it be that I have been correct in my longtime profession of the notion, that we in the media who still believe that the telling of the truth at any cost is both a noble cause and our sacred duty are a dying breed?

I also want to know where the angry mob is who only a year ago marched on the Evansville Federal Building, in protest of political corruption and socialist agendas running rampid in our government? Where are those who vowed to never back down until America was returned to its roots of being governed by the people?

Why has no one among the United Freedom Makers called for a march on Valparaiso? Why are the memebrs of our locally run Constitution Now group not up in arms over this?

Where are my dear friends the Oath Keepers? The Constitution which we so readily pledged to uphold and defend is being shreaded in our very presence and I have heard from a total of one of you!

The press release, issued by the office of US Attorney David Capp of Indian’s Northern District, is dated May 7, 2009 and states that Ashton is being held pursuant of Title 18 Sections 8844 (e) and 5032 of the United States Code. However, I find it quite ironic that they would claim this, since three sections later in Section 5035 of Title 18 mandates that "A juvenile alleged to be delinquent may be detained only in a juvenile facility or such other suitable place as the Attorney General may designate. Whenever possible, detention shall be in a foster home or community based facility located in or near his home community. The Attorney General shall not cause any juvenile alleged to be delinquent to be detained or confined in any institution in which the juvenile has regular contact with adult persons convicted of a crime or awaiting trial on criminal charges. Insofar as possible, alleged delinquents shall be kept separate from adjudicated delinquents. Every juvenile in custody shall be provided with adequate food, heat, light, sanitary facilities, bedding, clothing, recreation, education, and medical care, including necessary psychiatric, psychological, or other care and treatment."

Further, Section 5036 states, "If an alleged delinquent who is in detention pending trial is not brought to trial within thirty days from the date upon which such detention was begun, the information shall be dismissed on motion of the alleged delinquent or at the direction of the court, unless the Attorney General shows that additional delay was caused by the juvenile or his counsel, or consented to by the juvenile and his counsel, or would be in the interest of justice in the particular case. Delays attributable solely to court calendar congestion may not be considered in the interest of justice. Except in extraordinary circumstances, an information dismissed under this section may not be reinstituted." I ask that the reader commit the general contents of these two sections of the US Code to memory, both for the purpose of their personally determining their opinion concerning the case currently under consideration and for their own benefit, should their child ever be taken into Federal custody on such trumped up charges.

Being both disabled and a widow, Mrs. Lundeby had little choice but to accept a State appointed attorney, Robert D. Truitt, to defend Ashton. However, Mr. Truitt admits to having immediately waived Ashton's right to a speedy trial and did so following the stated desires of the prosecution and without having discussed the matter with either Ashton or Mrs. Lundeby.

Apparently, on a later visit to Mr. Truitt’s office, Mrs. Lundeby’s meeting with him was interrupted and he had to leave the room. While she waited, she discovered that Ken Hayes, the Assistant US Attorney responsible for prosecuting Ashton, was in the next room and had been allowed to hear everything which had been discussed concerning the case.

So much for attorney-client privilege. To add insult to injury, several of my sources have informed me that Mr. Truitt and Mr. Hayes are old friends and one indicated that the two even shared an office at one time.

It seems to me that this would, under any normal circumstances, constitute a conflict of interest. My question then is why a mistrial has not been declared and why Ashton remains in Federal custody.

I have also come into possession of a document in which Mr. Truitt admitted under oath and penalty of perjury that he intentionally excluded Mrs. Lundeby from assisting in any manner with her son’s defense. Additionally, it appears that he has committed other acts which violated his sworn duty to provide the very best possible defense to his client.

I have carefully perused said documents and am thoroughly convinced that, when considered in comparison to the aforementioned press release, it proves beyond a doubt that Mr. Truitt did in fact forsake his legal obligation as counsel to the defendant and that Mr. Capp’s office issued the press release in an attempt to assist in the cover up of their coconspirator’s illegal activities. However, as is the custom in this column, I have placed Mr. Truitt’s sworn statement in the hands of you, the readers, thus allowing you to make up your own mind.


  • 65 faded 5 years ago

    This whole case intrigues me. Why would the gooberment pick up a seemingly innocent kid, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prosecute him? It makes no sense at all. How would this forward their objective? Especially when the defense has a seemingly airtight defense. Is the gooberment claiming that Ashton made the call from a land line? If so, that info should be easily aquired from the phone company. Send them a request for all phone calls made on XYZ date. If no calls were made on such a date to 911 or any other gooberment office, then poof. Problem solved. THATS when you go to the larger media. ;) Keep me informed on Facebook. ;) I'm watching.

  • Ash 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    hundreds of thousands of dollars? ha yeah right i was locked up with Ashton in the porter country juvy..the government is wastin more then $300 dollars a day to keep Ashton detained until his trial on November think about it this kid has been locked up for over 18 months for charges that they have no evidence over..they've wasted way more then hundreds of thousands over a case that will go no where with the only "evidence" that they supposibly have

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