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The Good News and the other news: Christian, home schooler, terrorist threat? Part 2


  • 65 faded 6 years ago

    This whole case intrigues me. Why would the gooberment pick up a seemingly innocent kid, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prosecute him? It makes no sense at all. How would this forward their objective? Especially when the defense has a seemingly airtight defense. Is the gooberment claiming that Ashton made the call from a land line? If so, that info should be easily aquired from the phone company. Send them a request for all phone calls made on XYZ date. If no calls were made on such a date to 911 or any other gooberment office, then poof. Problem solved. THATS when you go to the larger media. ;) Keep me informed on Facebook. ;) I'm watching.

  • Ash 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    hundreds of thousands of dollars? ha yeah right i was locked up with Ashton in the porter country juvy..the government is wastin more then $300 dollars a day to keep Ashton detained until his trial on November think about it this kid has been locked up for over 18 months for charges that they have no evidence over..they've wasted way more then hundreds of thousands over a case that will go no where with the only "evidence" that they supposibly have

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