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The Good News and the other news: Christian, home schooler, terrorist threat? Part 1

Lately I have been giving a great deal of thought to the warning contained in Isaiah 10: 1-2, which reads, "Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that writ grievousness which they have prescribed; To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!" What an awful thing awaits those who misuse and ill treat the helpless and I think that perhaps someone needs to read this passage to the Obamamen.

Actually I think someone needs to read the entirety of Scripture to them, but a situation of which I was recently made aware by Mr. Jonathan Kiser, a patriotic American and regular reader in Texas, has brought me to the conclusion that this should be the first passage shared. It would seem that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, functioning under a directive from the Department of Homeland Security, has opted to rob widows of their children and gifted American youth of their constitutional rights.

Now before I go any further, it needs to be stated that this column series is going to be completely one sided in the telling of the matter. It is based primarily upon information gleaned from in depth interview with the aforementioned reader and the afflicted widow, and evidence presented by others surrounding the case.

Those familiar with my column will find this to be out of character on my part, since I have long prided myself on being completely fair in my analysis of any given situation and strive to consider the views of every faction within any given debate. However, in the full week since I began working on the series, I have made numerous attempts to get input from those involved with the Federal investigation and have not received so much as an e-mail apologizing for their being too busy to respond in full.

It is my personal guess that those individuals who have the answers which I have been seeking do not in fact want them broadcast to the general public, as corrupt officials are the only creatures known to flee from bright light more quickly than cockroaches. The investigative journalist inside of me smells a cover up and I therefore have an obligation to myself and to my readers to run this story right down to the bone.

The youth in question is Ashton Lundeby, a home schooler from Oxford, North Carolina. Ashton’s father died four years ago and left him to take care of his severely disabled mother, Annette, and to help her raise his little sister.

Like most of us home school families here in the Evansville area, Ashton’s family are devout believers. Also like most of us, his parents chose to home school as a means of protecting their children from the spiritual pollution which has consumed the world.

Ashton apparently possesses an intelligence far beyond his years and is exceptionally gifted in the area of computers. At the age of thirteen, he used those skills to track down a hacker who had stolen several thousand dollars from his mother’s bank account.

He then got the individual to admit to the theft in an online chat. Continuing to pose as a "friend," Ashton went on to learn that in all the individual had stolen several hundred thousand dollars from other, unsuspecting individuals.

He did this, apparently, at the behest of the Federal Government, which had been trying for some time to locate the thief and had come up empty handed. Though a local police detective was present and heard a Federal agent instruct Ashton to assist them, the Government officially denies having sought the help and, immediately after receiving the information they needed to put the true culprit behind bars, they began accusing Ashton of having been an accomplice to the thefts and even to having intentionally crashed their computers.

A few years passed and Ashton, being a teenager with more brains than experience, pulled an occasional adolescent stunt. Apparently he made some prank phone calls and was smart enough to figure out that he could get other kids to pay him for doing so.

He would call some unsuspecting individual, often at a major company, pull their leg for a bit and then post a recording of the call on Perhaps it was wrong to do, but he was a kid doing something most kids have done and, while I make no excuses for the young man, I cannot see that his actions warrant any degree of punishment reaching farther than an apology.



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