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The Good Negro in Tech


The Good Negro has just completed its tech week and is ready to start fine tuning the show in preparation for our May 10th opening. Since my arrival in Chicago and participation in the show there have been a few interesting things that I have observed and felt compelled to share them with you. 

1. From the first day of rehearsal to this point, Chuck Smith has yet to remove what he introduced as his “working cap.” The ever-presence of the cap has tied it into my mind’s image of Chuck. Essentially: Thoughtful Director + Hat = Chuck Smith. The hat/director association is deep enough that it conjures up images of McLean Stevenson leading the 4077th.

2. Playwright Tracey Scott Wilson is SUPER-photogenic. Her headshot on page 8 of the Goodman’s OnStage Magazine is pretty cool. She writes even better than she photographs. 

3. I find that I personally am able to identify with the vices of my heroes much easier than their virtues. Their vices make me feel as if my virtues are attainable to me just as theirs were to them. That gives me hope for me, and for humanity on a larger scale. 

4. This cast can act. As my friend (local El Paso actor) Russo would say, “They got some chops.” 

5. The biggest difference between my previous theatrical experiences and this one is the amount of care that has been involved in this production. Every person I have encountered in this production cares. It is the first project in my burgeoning career in which the amount of sincerity and genuine passion for the piece is apparent in every aspect of the show from the soles of the shoes to the amazing effects onstage and powerful performances. Perhaps the most care comes from the community support and excitement that the city has in anticipation of the show. We need to catch that fever El Paso. 

Be sure to watch the behind the scenes video, I've put the link below.

Well, that’s it for now.  I'll be back home to El Paso soon.

Hoping to one day see the top of Chuck’s head in person,


The Good Negro video:


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