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The good and the bad about Tax Day

April 15 is the deadline to file federal, state and city income tax.
April 15 is the deadline to file federal, state and city income tax.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Procrastinators make note of the bad news first. The US Postal Service urges you not to wait beyond the regular pick up time to mail your income tax returns today. Business hours are as usual on April 15 except at the main branch of Charlotte's post office on McDowell between Fifth and Sixth Streets, receiving tax returns through 7 p.m. After that time, your return is late and you are liable to pay penalties if you owe the government.

Gone are the days of long, slow, late night lines of last minute tax filers waiting to drop the envelope in the post box. The increasing acceptance of electronic filing has caused the mailing of tax returns to decrease. Conversely there has to be a lot of people sitting and stressing at their computers on Tax Day as the hours move mercilessly towards the deadline.

Meanwhile, if you are done with your taxes, you can cheer yourself up with freebies from local businesses on April 15. Arby's regulars will be glad to know that they can get free curly fries with a coupon from the company's website. Chocolate chip lovers can go to Great American Cookies for a free treat. Sonic offers half-price drinks and slushies. Hard Rock Cafe offers a free dinner for those willing to sing for their supper. Other offers include things from massage to free shredding, so enjoy the food and services offered today.