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The Golden Retriever - history and intelligence

Working dog and pet
Working dog and pet

We each love our pets for many reasons and we each believe that ours is the best. Unequivocally each of us has the best pet in our life, the AKC will tell us this year’s best dog is (what’s his name), the Canadian Kennel Club will do the same (although the dog picked by AKC may not be the same as the one picked by CKC). There are many factors which makes our dog the best for us. One breed which seems to standout year after year is the Golden Retriever. Breed for many of the attributes which are carries now, the Golden it appears has followed a fairy-tale heritage. Beginning with a rich history steeped in Scottish Nobel lines, todays Golden is, it appears, the same family dog of the late 1800’s.

The one attribute all seem to agree on is the intelligence and eagerness to please. People who have Golden's say many times it is as though the dog actually seems to know every word being said. Not to mention that at 70-90 pounds average weigh at two years, these are work dogs, pets, guardians and service animals. Although listed by AKC as Sporting Class Dogs, more and more they are becoming the household pet. The ability to not bark unless absolutely necessary (as in protection), there are numerous stories of Golden’s protecting and moving family when in danger. Always with a sweet quality of features and actions, they are not cowards, rather diplomats with a beautiful coat.

Disadvantages seem to be more for those who are not hand’s on pet owners. Not only the desire to be a part of all activity, there is also the grooming and general maintenance when one has a Golden. The greatest reward is the shear loyalty and devotion the person will receive from the breed.