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The Golden Globes were right, Cameron only deserved Best Movie Drama and Best Director for Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar has won critical acclaim for the last six weeks. But is it deserved?
James Cameron's Avatar has won critical acclaim for the last six weeks. But is it deserved?

Due to numerous weeks on the top of the box office charts, an overwhelming number of people in America and abroad have seen James Cameron's new film, Avatar.   As it is going on six weeks since its release, there is no need to fear spoiling the movie because everybody who is dying to know how the plot goes has undoubtedly already seen the movie.

That being said, it is necessary to open a conversation about this movie for those of all opinions to peruse and partake in.  James Cameron has been a legend to the world of cinema, that can not be denied, but was Avatar really as mind-blowing as critics and fans would like to believe?

James Cameron is one of the few writer/directors of this generation who are held to a different standard than his counterparts.  A few of the others (definitely not all) in this higher standard arena are the Wachowski brothers,  Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and of course The Cohen brothers, just to name a few.  It generally happens with these aforementioned geniuses that no matter what movie they make, it wins general acclaim from the public and critics alike. 

However, has there been a movie produced before that was a social commentary on interventionalism, expansionism (or as some would say Manifest Destiny), or the ruination and domination of a climate, ecosystem, or people by a government?  I personally have seen numerous movies on this topic, and I found Avatar, plot-wise, to be no different from any other movie and most certainly not a stand out movie for 2009.

Visually, however, Avatar was stunning.  Moviegoers have reportedly experienced depression in the days after seeing the 3-D hit because they themselves wish they could live on a place like Pandora.   It can be agreed that because the movie was visually inspiring, James Cameron was a fair contender for Best Movie Drama and Best Movie Director at the Golden Globes, but, because of the average nature of the script and plot, he deserves to win no more than that.


  • Nate 5 years ago

    A lot of the critics say that the plot and dialogue were just average. I can't say I agree with that. I honestly felt that the story was fairly unique, especially considering that Hollywood has gone drunk on the whole remake after the remake, anything for a buck approach of turning out movies. In light of that, I found Avatar really refreshing! As for the dialogue. Sure. It wasn't the most poetic stuff that I'd ever heard, but then again I felt like it fit really well into both the world and portrayed in the story. But what's a great film without a little debate, huh?

    Awesome article Blake! Keep'em coming! Also, any chance of getting a Lovely Bones blog? I've really been wanting to see that one.

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