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The Golden Globes: Not the best night in Hollywood

Photo Courtsey of Hollywood Foreign Press
Photo courtesy of Hollywood Foreign Press
Hollywood Foreign Press

Can we please discuss the Golden Globes? What a horrible night for movies. Between the lame nominations, which is impart due to the terrible year for movies, and the oh-so-ridiculous red carpet coverage; last night could not have been a bigger waste of time. While there were some great moments, the show felt tired and lacked energy and excitement and glamour. Hopefully, last night's Golden Globes was not a precursor of what is to come in March for the Oscars.

Firstly, the red carpet coverage by all the networks can only be described as with "You've got to be kidding me"; between the ridiculous questions, the screaming, and the rude ambushing and/or ignoring of stars being questioned. The coverage of the red carpet only shows the ignorance of the correspondents who call themselves "journalists." The NBC coverage was not as terrible as the TV Guide channel or even worst, E! News. The coverage starts way too early and while the it claims to be about "who are you wearing" it really is an excuse for correspondents to treat the stars like animals at the zoo. Two moments during the NBC coverage were so awful that the temptation to turn the television off and boycott grew strong. First, during a brief questioning of Samuel L. Jackson, the correspondent interviewing spotted Robert Downey Jr., then ignored Jackson to interview Downey Jr. The same most horrifying incident occurred with Penelope Cruz and Harvey Weinstein, which turned into everyone handing out of artificial compliments, likely inducing vomiting among viewers. There is no question why stars like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, among others, arrive within fifteen minutes of the program starting in order to avoid questions from correspondents they obviously do not take seriously. As rude as Joan Rivers is, she's at least open about it, and the Red Carpet ought to miss her.

The show itself was boring and this was partly because of lame nominations like The Proposal, and It's Complicated. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good ole fashioned Romantic Comedy, these films do not belong among the critically acclaimed. It was obvious from the nominations, in many categories, specifically best actress where the talented Meryl Streep was nominated twice in the same category, leading viewers to wonder, was there not one other actress in a film that could have been nominated. As is the case with the Oscars, often times actors, directors, writers and films are ignored for their brilliance and last night it was Quentin Tarintino who was ignored. In twenty years audiences will watch as he wins a lifetime achievement award, getting the same treatment as directors Blake Edwards and Alfred Hitchcock.

The evening wasn't a complete waste however, with speeches by Drew Barrymore, Meryl Streep, Martin Scorsese, and Mo'Nique which were sincere and refreshing. Also, Ricky Gervais managed to keep the night moving while delivering some decent laughs and well deserved jabs at NBC. Generally, the show delivered no upsets or deeply moving speeches and left audiences wondering what it actually takes to earn a Golden Globe

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