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The Golden Globes Ignite New Fashion Trend: The Man Bun

The evolution of the 2014 Golden Globes was a major fashion shift - instantaneous tweets during the event, hours afterwards and even the next few days people were not talking about the fabulous new styles in women's fashion. They simply nodded at the beautiful dresses worn by Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon. Trends waved through the social flow with #Lawerencing (inspired by Jennifer Lawerence, of course) and artsy selfies like Lena Dunham's or Emma Roberts with The Burger. I mean that's pure Andy Warhol Pop Art right there, yea?

Phoenix, the dark horse, was nom'd for Best Actor in a Drama for his fantastic performance in Spike Jonze's Her.  His man bun and beard were raspy - yet lulling like tequila on a sandy Mexican beach.
Joaquin Phoenix, Golden Globes
Emma Roberts eating a burgers after the GG.
Emma Roberts, Golden Globes, Instagram

However, the biggest infusion of fashion came from the dashing and the damper; the men on the Red Carpet. Suits, ties and twinkly smiles were tickling men and women viewers alike! The best of the evening was the men's fashion accessories; Joaquin Phoenix, Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio all had the same one at the GG's, their moms. Some of Hollywood's steamiest men could bring any woman to the show and they pick their mom. If that doesn't give you a surging rush of gooy-ness and awe, I don't know what will.

My favorite fashion accessory of the evening and what the twitter-sphere couldn't stop 140 -charactering was the man bun. And, hey, I can't blame them - the GG's needed this. The man bun was rock, glam, androgynous and dark, that kind of dark that pulls you in. Check-out the slideshow to view my favorite man buns from the evening.

And, i'd say to keep the Golden Globes buzzing from the next years to come - keep calling the musicians, the darklings and Jared Leto.

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