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The Golden Age is NOW

Astrologically we have entered, formally, into the Age of Aquarius. We have also entered the Golden Age, the Golden Age of Enlightenment. With both events having occurred in latter 2012, and 2013 now nearly complete in its cycle, many have probably noticed a lot of changes on the world scene as well as with politics and governments. A few have had the courage to speak of UFO disclosure and many are demanding disclosure as a new human right, disclosure in all matters pertaining to the governed by the governments and rulers of all countries. With a subtle yet definitive change in the attitudes and perspectives and awareness’s of individuals and groups, geographical regions and countries, no doubt you too are seeing these subtle changes and are, perhaps even pro-actively stand for things that mean something to you on a deeper level. People are tired of life that is SOP, they are tired of life that is “business as usual”. People are demanding change and many are ousting political figures who are not working FOR the people and replacing them with figures who WILL work for the people. Change is in the air. Change is inevitable. Along with all of these things going on in our outer world, there is something else taking place deep within the core center of the earth. When a soul progresses and ascends from one level of development to another, eventually, that soul is able to sustain the life-forms of an entire planet, its orbit and all that is required of that planet in its given solar system. That soul that inhabits the earth's core or that of any other planet is called that planet's “indwelling spirit”. While it is challenging to talk about an indwelling spirit in terms of linear time, you can be sure that even the word eons, does not hold a candle to the light of truth regarding the length of linear time it takes for a soul to become an indwelling spirit and for that soul to ascend from one dimension to another, bringing that planet with it as it ascends. Suffice it to say, the soul is awesome, magnificent and truly a co-creator with God, the Creative Life-force energy itself. On December 21, 2012, Gaia, the name for the soul who is the indwelling spirit of our beloved planet earth, brought us from the third dimension of life and of living. We are now, technically a 4D planet, although it will take some linear time before all the populations of earth are fully aware and fully conscious of this fact and reality. Gaia's next trek through space and time will lead her to Ascend into the 5th dimension. In order for her to continue and accomplish this heavenly ordained right, given her by the God of us all, the inhabitants of earth must become fully conscious on at least the level of the 4th dimension. Gaia, according to the laws of the Universe, i.e., God, has already moved into the 5th dimension and most of humanity, while now experiencing the 4th dimension, are doing so with old 3D attitudes. On phenomenon that we are all experiencing, however, is that even with 3D attitudes, the 4D influences are causing thought-forms, intentions and commitments to activate faster and to manifest our dominate thoughts almost immediately. As we proceed deeper into 4th dimensional living and experiences, we will learn the laws of manifestation in a better way and begin to utilize the law to create the kind of lives we want to lead. Creative visualization is a great first step and will, in time, also help Gaia to heal and bring sanity, peace and nurturing to those who govern us. We will better choose our leaders based on their abilities to serve, rather than self-serving. We will treat one another as though we are acting with love toward ourselves. We will practice the Golden Rule and we will find our ultimate fulfillment and happiness the way the Creative Life force originally intended. We will discover the hidden properties of free will and learn how our choices affect not only us, but others, the planet and the universe. We will see free will choice as a great tool for the forces of good and light and we will empower ourselves daily by making wise choices. I recently had an out of body experience that was life altering for me. I had asked the question before retiring one night, “How do I get rid of fear and unwanted people and energies in my life?” My dream was startling, but answered my question without a doubt. I saw myself at an outdoor market and all of the produce that was being sold were baskets of tomatoes, tomato plants and slices of tomatoes to eat. The hillside was dotted with tomatoes and everyone I came across, including those representing problem people in my life, were eating tomatoes and offering them to one another. Everyone was happy, vital, thriving and filled with light. I got caught up in the moment and also accepted gifts of tomatoes as I also gave them out as gifts. Tomatoes are, of course, the “love” fruit. The tomatoes were symbolically being shown me as a way to explain that love is the answer and that love is always the answer to any of life's problems. Love does not excuse wrong-doing, but it changes the circumstance and alters the behaviors. When I awoke, I took about ten minutes of meditation time and envision several problem areas in my life being surrounded by the love fruit and then was able to envision a golden light of love. Within days and weeks, the problem areas were cleared and I moved on. While this technique may seem simple or even child-like in its approach to debt, cancer, an abusive relationship, criminal activity, toxic chemicals in earth's soil and oceans and air, your mother-in-law issues, a child with Autism, poor government leadership, a self-absorbed legislature or any other number of complaints, conflicts or personal issues, love is, in fact, the only answer. Love is the key to starting the energies of reversal that will put a person, group or situation on the right track. Love is not western medicine, where you take a pill and 24 hours later there is likely to be immediate gratification, but love is constant and upon the end of the process, love is permanent. We must heal Gaia if we are to continue to live on this planet and have this planet, Gaia, sustain us. There is no way to get out of it. In order to “fix” Gaia, however, we must fix ourselves first. We must love ourselves and send out love via meditation to our loved ones, friends, communities, cities, counties, states, countries and internationally. We must recognize the unity in all and of all. We are one. As we perfect this meditation and more and more and more of us begin to practice this meditation, we will see changes in our own lives and the lives of others and soon, we will see changes on a world level and then planetary level. All of this takes time... because we live in linear time, but the key operative words are that it does happen, changes do take place, lives are changed and the world becomes better. Gaia can be healed and Gaia must be healed. Make your commitment at whatever level because it all takes us in the right direction...Gaia's healing and Gaia sustaining our lives as well. Copyright 2012, 2013, 2014 by Robbi Dyer aka: Alcyone Diversified LLC