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The Goldberg Sisters show May 12 benefits Japanese Red Cross

The Goldberg Sisters / Adam Goldberg
The Goldberg Sisters / Adam Goldberg
Courtesy of Adam Goldberg

Actor/ Filmmaker/Musician Adam Goldberg, along with his band, The Goldberg Sisters, will be performing at the Bootleg Theater (2220 Beverly Boulevard , Los Angeles, CA 90057 –(213)389-3856; on Thursday, May12th. Doors open at 7PM; Show starts at 8PM.

The show, appropriately titled “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: A Benefit for Japan” will be hosted by Mischa Barton and will feature Hands, Corridor and Venus Illuminato along with The Goldberg Sisters. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 the day of the show and all proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to benefit the disaster relief efforts.

The band originated in the wake of Goldberg's highly acclaimed 2009 musical debut as LANDy. He then changed the name of the band to its current, The Goldberg Sisters. Their self-titled album is now out on Apology Music/Play It Again Sam (PIAS America). Band members include Roxanne Daner (Violin), Andrew Lynch (Keys, Trumpet), Jon Safley (Drums), Eric Siegel (Bass), Darian Zahedi (From Mack Winston and The Reflections playing Guitar on a couple of songs), and Adam Goldberg (Guitar, Keys).

Goldberg has returned with an impressive body of musical art that encompasses everything from the psychedelic to the psychotropic as it deeply explores themes from the abysmal to the negligible. The music itself has the space age vibe reminiscent of the glam albums from the 70’s – think David Bowie – with sounds pleasingly retro. Goldberg’s usage of everything from the violin to the trumpet to Pro Tools and synthesizers titillate the ear in the most pleasurable of ways.

Things have been done quite differently with this album from the days of LANDy, where his record was compiled from six years worth of recordings. That album featured many guests and collaborators including Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips) and Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart).This time around with The Goldberg Sisters’ self-titled album, things were much more streamlined. This album was largely recorded and mixed in one six week stint with a set group of musicians at Espinoza’s ‘The Ship’ studio in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles in late 2009.

In early 2008, Espinoza and Goldberg first met when Goldberg dumped six years worth of recordings, in various states of array, onto Espinoza’s desk, at which point they proceeded to get extremely busy creating LANDy’s 2009 release 'Eros and Omissions'.

Much of the template for this new album originated during the LANDy sessions. Of particular note is the single “BFF!” where Goldberg alternates between verses of stripped down bass, piano, drums and choruses layered with strings, synths, guitars and vocal harmonies. Espinoza and Goldberg like combining their analog gear with the limitless potential of Pro Tools, and then combining that with beer.

Per Goldberg, “There's a lot of Space Echo, a lot of Echoplex on this record. Lots of effects pedals and ‘70s synth pads. But, also layers of actual strings and trumpet played by humans. Merritt Lear and Roxanne Daner on violins and Andrew Lynch on trumpet functioned as a mini-orchestra. We would layer and layer the parts and often times, if I wanted a cello sound for instance, pitch them down in Pro Tools. We sort of had a dogma that we would not fade anything out or in, though we cheated a bit once on the latter, so you would hear everything being picked up and put down, illustrating the studio as a player on the record.”

Dana Feldman - As an artist, can you explain the difference between acting and music as far as what drives you.

Adam Goldberg- Frankly I'm driven as an actor to eat and as a musician or writer or picture-taker or occasional moviemaker to express myself perhaps more personally or perhaps more fully. As an actor one is asked to, and should be, a conduit for another's vision, no matter how collaborative that relationship may be. But moods have always inspired me the most--and music is one way of evoking, exorcising, or immersing one's self in a mood.

DF - How would you describe your musical sound/style?

AG -That's a good question. I don't know. I really don't. This album consists of one song I wrote in 1999, "Erik Erikson," and illustrates my love of rhythm and sound more than a conventional narrative song structure whereas the recently written "Shush" is in many ways the antithesis. I think "Shush" and "The Difference Between" were more experiments with classic song-and-chord structures. What I do on a nearly daily basis is record something or other and throw it up on this Tumblr site and these sketches are generally less labored than songs like "Shush." The fact is I like loopy circus sound-scapes and The are you gonna do?

DF - Do you see yourself continuing to pursue music as well as acting or is music your main focus right now?

AG- I really don't view things that way and frankly don't have the kind of control of my acting career to say I'm now going to do this or that. I did a pilot recently because I got a pilot. If it gets picked up, I ship out to New York to play a clean-shaven cop. But, I will also be working on this script I've been working on for the last year and figuring out what and how to record the next record. I'd love to be able to support myself doing what I felt like doing at the time but I don't have that luxury.

Whether it be acting or music, Goldberg shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. To learn more about The Goldberg Sisters, check out the following links:


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