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The God who answers by fire


"Then you call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord; and the God who answers by fire, He is God." So all the people answered and said, "It is well spoken." I Kings 18:24

Of course we can assume that Elijah would never have made this proposition if he had not known with certainty that God would answer his prayer. Often times when we pray to God we do not have within us that same level of certainty. Yes, we are cracked vessels, mere humans, who don’t always walk with the uprightness of faith that we ought to have as God bought, Bible-believing Christians. But it is at those moments, especially, that we have to cry out to God , “we believe, but help our unbelief.”

It is not easy to seek God for the impossible and actually wait expecting Him to really do it. We live in a society that teaches us to be realistic, to rely on our intellect and our rationalized reasoning. However, as children of the King, we only need look at our lives – from birth to present – to see how His miracles have always intertwined with our existence! Oh, how many stories can you tell of how God showed up in the nick of time to do something so incredibly mind blowing that you can’t even find the right words to explain them? How many times have you failed God in your actions, your countenance, your responses and in your sin, yet He turned right around and blessed you beyond your wildest imaginations? You know you should have died a long time ago, you know you should have been cut off from His grace, yet He kept you, embraced you, restored you and blessed you in spite of you!

Yet, through all of these experiences and more, we fail to go to God with the kind of prayers that move our faith to assurance – assurance that He is in control. But really that’s part of the problem. The issue of control is really at the root of our posture at prayer time. We’ve not released OUR control. Even in our relationship with the Master we maintain control. We determine when we will pray, we determine how we will pray – we hold the keys to how intimate our relationship with God will be. What will happen in our spiritual walk when we release our reigns over our relationship with God and allow Him to take the lead? Can we truly surrender everything to Him? When we let go and allow Him to be in total control, we won’t question or hesitate in calling on His name with assurance. Then and only then will He truly be the God who answers by fire, the God who IS God in our lives.

Examine your relationship with the Lord. Are you sometimes holding onto skepticism when you pray? Do you know He’ll answer, but have a Game Plan #2, just in case He doesn’t? Are you the one in control of your intimacy with Him? Remember what He’s already done in your life to this very time. Remember how His grace and love has carried you through and then let go and trust (rest) in Him! He is the God that answers by fire, He is God!

c/2009 Candie A. Price


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