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The God Formula

"I AM that I AM" Is this God's revelation of the God Formula?
"I AM that I AM" Is this God's revelation of the God Formula?
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1-The God Formula
Who or What is God?
By Jim Moore

When you hear the word "God" what is the image that comes to mind?
For most of us, it's that classic image of an old Jewish man, stern-faced, glaring down with fiery angry eyes and with long gray hair and a long gray beard. He's dressed in old-time Biblical robes like we envision Moses or Jesus.
But the truth is - we invented God in our own image. It's the only way we had, until now, of visualizing God or relating to God.
But is God a male? With all the biological attachments that separate male from female? Is God limited to "maleness"? Or is that the traditional image of a male-dominated society?
Couldn't God also be a dog or cat or frog? Or woman? What makes us think, in our arrogance, that God has any limits whatsoever?
We argue over who and what God is. We kill millions of people in so-called holy wars, arguing over whether God is male or female, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist or even American Indian.
If God is truly all-powerful as we claim to believe, then God could be any of these, or even all of these at the same time.
God could be a flower or a molecule or an atom. God could even be a number.
Likewise, we argue and fight and kill over the "name" of God when our own Christian literature provides over 100 names of God, from Yhwh to Yahweh to the Creator to the Great Spirit in the Sky.
The same goes for Jesus (in English), who in Hebrew was called Yeshua and by other names in other cultures.
Shortly after the Crucifixion, Jesus appeared to native American tribes from Canada to Central American Aztecs and Mayans as an olive-skinned man with deep wounds in his hands and feet and his rib.
Just as we have created Jesus in our modern cultural images as a fair-skinned, blue-eyed Caucasian, so favored by the Aryans who hate blacks, "ragheads" and Jews, other cultures have and do portray Jesus as one of themselves.
Even our own Christian Bible is clear that Jesus was not a Christian, but a Jew. The Christian "church" did not even exist until that Passover when the Holy Spirit descended upon the heads and into the hearts and bodies of the apostles and disciples as a tongue of flame enabling them to "speak in tongues."
This multi-language ability did not result in the incomprehensible babbling we today associate with "speaking in tongues." The Bible is very clear that those present at that miraculous Pentacost were from different cultures and languages and that they were able to clearly understand those "tongue-speaking" apostles and disciples in their own languages.
What I'm saying here is that if we are to truly come even close to understanding the Creator and His/Her Son we have to take off our culturally-imposed blinders and step into vaster, wider world that has no limits.
In the Beginning, God was a number and a formula that formed the foundation of everything that ever was, all that is, and all that will be.
Two numbers drive physicists and mathematicians up the wall in frustration. Those numbers are zero (0 - a circle) and the symbol of infinity (∞ tied together like the yin and the yang, dark and light, good and evil, positive and negative).
To us, in our limited understanding, these pairs represent the infinite spectrum of all that is - from nothing to everything in the universe and beyond, which makes it so hard for us to comprehend.
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine God as that first number zero - a circle that represents all the God energy.
Then, in your mind's eye, watch that circle morph into ∞ - the infinity for which we have no letter of our own alphabet. The ∞ symbol was created by John Wallis in 1655 to represent things without any limit. Is it not possible that ∞ represents the transformation of all the God energy into all the material world or worlds - without lessening or deleting the original God energy?
While you ponder this, recall how God was asked, to paraphrase, "Who are you really? WHAT are you?" God's response was "I AM that I AM."
Could it be that this is the God Formula, something as simple and yet more profound than Einstein's e=mc2 or e = mc x c or energy = mass x the speed of light x the speed of light?
Think of this: II x AA = M or Intent to the power of Intent x Articulation to the power of Articulation = Matter.
Then think of this:
"And God said 'Let there be Light.'" Articulation, expression ... and God SAID.
Finally, for this lesson, think of what this means. The Creator, with the Intention of Creating, articulated that Intention with an infinite power of energy expressed in frequency (a number) and the results was what we think of as the Big Bang - or Materialization of All That Is. I AM.
That should be enough to keep your body, mind and soul occupied until the next lesson.
Copyright © 2014 by Jim Moore.

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