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The glorious banquet of the innocent, one of St. John Bosco's prophetic dreams


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St. John Bosco founded and ran boys schools most of his religious career. And he regularly saw the exact state of the soul of every single one of his pupils. One day he saw his pupils in their spiritual state and the kinds of foods that they were feeding their souls.

The vision starts out in a gorgeous garden. There were fourteen long tables separated into three levels, amphitheater-wise. The top-most level was so far up high it could hardly be seen.

The lowest level: the pay of mortal sin

These tables were bare except for bits of rotting, moldy bread mixed with garbage. The boys who were seated at these tables had a pig snout. When asked why they had to eat that, they replied, "We have to eat the bread we have provided for ourselves. It's all we have."

The middle levels: the repentant sinners

The boys who sat at these tables were happier and ate better bread. 'They were very handsome, with a comeliness and radiance constantly increasing.' Their tables were finely decorated with nice linen and heavenly candle-holders, china, and 'indescribably gorgeous flowers.' Delicious platters and delicacies filled these tables.

The highest level: the glory of those who retain their baptismal innocence

These tables had a bread that is almost indescribable, gold and red, like the garments and faces of the boys who sat there. And not only that; they shone with brilliant light. They were also 'radiantly happy' as they communicated this joy with each other.'Their comeliness and the glitter and splendor of their tables far surpassed all the others.

Table hopping

The day after Don Bosco revealed this to his pupils, each one came privately to find out which table they belonged to. They would then ask if it was possible to move to a higher table. And the answer was: once baptismal innocence is lost, it can never be regained. And so those were the only tables that one could not ascend to.

Content obtained from the book FORTY DREAMS OF ST.JOHN BOSCO, Tan Books and Publishers

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