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The Globe Belgian GastroPub tells specials for Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

Today, in an exclusive interview with the Examiner, Michael Pauwels, owner of The Globe Belgian GastroPub in Garden Grove, talked about the upcoming Garden Grove Strawberry Festival and The Globe's specials that have been created to go along with the event. The Globe, located on historic Main Street in Garden Grove, is just steps away from the location of the Strawberry Festival.

The Globe Belgian GastroPub celebrates the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival with St. Bernardous ABT 12 on draft
Edward Simon
The Globe Belgian GastroPub has created strawberry food and beer specials for the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival
Edward Simon

Michael began by saying, “We always have Timmerman's Strawberry Lambic in bottles. Once a year, for Mother's Day through the end of the Strawberry Festival, we bring it in on draft and pour it in a nice champagne flute. That way we're able to pour it for the guests at a reasonable price, below $5.00, which is kind of fun. It fits in with the Strawberry Festival theme so we've been hooking up with those guys as well on advertising, so that seems to be coming alive as well”.

Michael continued, “The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival starts Friday and we just want to draw attention to the theme. There will be plenty of non-profit food booths there. For the people who drop down to 'The Street' who want a drink, we want to offer a tease, I guess you would say!”. With the festival grounds in nearby walking distance, it will be easy for guests to take a short walk and try some of the specialties at The Globe Belgian GastroPub.

“We have a new French chef. We now have a rotating dessert tray. Instead of putting desserts on a menu, we actually just bring it out after dinner with the selections of the week. The Belgian Pearl Sugar Waffle that we top with fresh whipped cream and strawberries works in with the theme as well. We're showcasing it for the Strawberry Festival”.

Michael and his wife, Marijke, have been known for their excellent choices of beverages, many that they specially import direct from the breweries in Europe. Both Michael and Marijke are Cicerones, a professional designation earned by those who have met advanced requirements in the knowledge of beers and brewing. A cicerone is the equivalent of a sommelier in the wine industry.

Although The Globe has bottles of the Strawberry Lambic all year round, bringing it in on draft for the month of May is a special treat. Michael explained, “The Timmerman's Strawberry Lambic on draft is what we are showcasing. It's always a tad better on draft”. In addition, The Globe has brought in on draft this month Chimay RED Trappist, Gregorian Quad Trappist, Urthel Hop, Stella Artois and St. Bernardus ABT 12 along with several other draft beers.

The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival has been immensely popular since it's inception in 1958. Michael talked a bit about why Garden Grove celebrates strawberries. “Strawberries are the past time of Garden Grove. You might as well play with that theme and they are great. These used to be all strawberry fields in the day. Sadly, most if not all of them are gone”.

Since their opening, The Globe has highlighted a different country each month with a selection of dinner specials. Michael said, “Next month, since we now have a French chef, our theme at The Globe Belgian GastroPub will be France”. Highlighting a different country every month has given The Globe's patrons a chance to tour the world through it's culinary tastes. This month, Mexico has been highlighted and Jamaica, Belgium, Germany and Spain's Iberian Peninsula are just a few of the culinary destinations that have been visited.

The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival starts Friday, May 23 and runs through Sunday, May 26. It is located at the Village Green, between Main Street and Euclid Street in Garden Grove. Parades, rides, live music, contests and a huge Strawberry Cake cutting ceremony with enough cake for everyone will be among the highlights of the weekend's fun. Lots of local charities will also have food and game booths at the Strawberry Festival.

The Globe Belgian GastroPub is located at 12926 Main Street in the historic section of Garden Grove. They are open for a daily Happy Hour between 4 and 7 p.m. with dinner from 4 p.m. until close Tuesday through Saturday.

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Information phone: 714-638-0981


The Globe Belgian GastroPub phone: 714-537-7471


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