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The Glitch Mob storms Portland, May 2, at the Roseland Theater

One of the most vibrant Electric Dance Music groups to play the clubs and hit the airwaves makes a rare stop at the Roseland Theater May 2. The Glitch Mob’s Portland date sold out over the weekend but tickets are still available for their May 6 show at the McDonald Theater in Eugene. Both shows are part of their 36-date national tour, including festival stops at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza.

Love Death Immortality Launch @ Sonos Studios
Photo: Timothy Norris, with permission

Hot off February’s release, Love Death Immortality, their second full-length album, finds The Glitch Mob showcasing the imaginative electronic talents of Justin Boreta (aka Boreta), Ed Ma (aka edIT) and Joshua Mayer (aka Ooah).

Noted for their trademark DIY approach, The Glitch Mob’s new album is a decidedly edgier effort, marking a confident departure from the tempered, stylistic nature of Drink The Sea. The new direction is tinged in alluring darkness but flexes its industrial muscle, and combines sublimely balanced contributions from Bay Area avant-darkwave chanteuse Metal Mother, dreamy, ethereal voices of Sister Crayon and Yaarrohs, and Aja Volkman of Los Angeles-based rockers Nico Vega, who provides her sultry, textural inspiration to their new release.

As evidenced by the first released single, Can’t Kill Us, The Glitch Mob injects a sinister, smoldering intensity on the intro, and is also featured on the new Sin City2 trailer directed by Robert Rodriguez and animated by Frank Miller. Its pleasurable perverseness is the perfect vehicle for the upcoming soundtrack.

The album starts with the muscular lead track, Mind Of A Beast, incorporating some crunchy metal guitar to reinforce the assault before giving way to the trademark synthesizer onslaught. The same stout fortification is found in the propulsive, pulse-pounding Skullclub and the torching frenzy of Skytoucher.

But the allure of Love Death Immortality’s production is revealed with the first vocal track featuring Aja Volkman. On Our Demons, she belts out her delivery with a seductive urgency. Next, Volkman impeccably balances frenetic pleas of salvation to an obsessive, soldiering beat on I Need My Memory Back. Both tracks have a nuclear core that is on the verge of meltdown, with the later being artfully bridled in the end as it trails off into a jazzy Fender Rhodes ending.

Being Harmonious begins as an intoxicated dream sequence, drifting on the wings of the airy vocals by Metal Mother, and enticingly drifts aloft as an afterlife invitation. The mid-tempo Fly By Night Only features Yarrohs’ tale of life after dark, another appealing invitation to soar into the delight of darkness.

Becoming Harmonious has also proved to be an all-star second single, having gained some standalone attention of it's own. The track is featured in the official trailer for Tom Cruise's new action movie, Edge of Tomorrow.

The album ends with delicate melody, The Beauty of the Unhidden Heart. The redeeming soulful vocals of Sister Canyon flutters above a heavenly harp, and ethereal echo of angelic reassurance that bridges into a swaying dubstep. The soaring synths peacefully brings Love Death Immortality to a resting place, if only temporary.

The Glitch Mob has always been known for stellar live production and their upcoming tour will be no exception. Their stage and visual tech wizardry is designed by the visionary Martin Phillips at Bionic League (whose work includes live performance experience design for Daft Punk, Kanye West, Deadmau5, Kaskade), with feature custom-built technology that lets the band trigger samples in real-time, and play them like live riffs, infusing their electronic music performance with improvisation, and the energy and drama of a live rock show.

With all the sonic audacity on this album, concert fan’s imagination will be subjected to the equally demanding and astounding visuals. If you’ve managed to already purchase tickets to this sold-out show, come prepared!

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