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The Glitch Mob Gov Ball Interview: The current state of EDM, advice and more

The Glitch Mob talks state of EDM music, advice to aspiring DJs and more
The Glitch Mob talks state of EDM music, advice to aspiring DJs and more
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EDM was represented quite well at this past weekend Governor's music ball festival with the EDM elites such as: Skrillex, The Bloody Beetroots and of course, The Glitch Mob, who's been making a name for themselves since 2006, internationally, the trio, Josh aka "Ooah", Justin aka "Boreta", and Ed "edIT" took the Gotham Stage for their Gov Ball debut and left the crowd in awe, wanting more.

The trio is set to cover other festivals and venues this summer to support the release of their current album "Love Death Immortality"that's in stores now. got a chance to talk with the guys about their debut at Gov Ball, the current state of EDM music, advice to aspiring DJs and more.

*I: Interviewer, Marie Flounoy


I: So first off, tell me about "the mob" aka your fans?

Josh: We love our fans, uh, I don't know what to say. We're grateful for them. They've been around for a long time - they've been with us for many, many years. Well some of them have. Some of them are new. Yea, we like to reach out to our fans as much as possible. Try to keep it real and human interaction, not just like "you guys are fans" and we're the artists, sort of thing.

Ed: We do meetups before every show. The mob is a specific "invite only" group of fans - even though we consider everyone to be part of our club.

Justin: Everyone's in the Glitch Mob. Everyone is part of the experience, we're technically the Glitch Mob. The mob itself is a invite only Facebook group where we do meetups before the shows where we have the really dedicated fans - they make art, they get tattoos, they reach out to us with stories, and we connect with them, like close relationships we developed with them over the years. So yeah, we have a very close relationship with our fans and this whole thing is really just for them.

I: So, you all are based in Los Angeles, right?

Ed: Yes, that's correct.

I: So, how do you feel to be back in NYC, I know you just did Coachella.

Ed: We love New York City. Josh actually used live here. But yeah, coming to NYC is always amazing. We're all big fans.

I: And so I hear, you haven't been here in a while (New York City) in a while.

Ed: Yes, that's correct

Josh: We played Terminal 5, 3 years ago, in like 2011 during the summer.

M: How was that?

Ed: Amazing.

Justin: It was, we were touring with Phantogram, and they were supporting us right before they got huge. We love them. It was such a fun time and Terminal 5 is a great venue. We saw a lot of love from New York. People typically say it's a hard nut to crack - but it was a great show.

Josh: It was one of the better shows. It was sold out. People were going crazy - it was just a hard vibe.

I: How did you enjoy Coachella?

Justin: It was incredible.

I: So, are you excited to play Gov Ball right now? And, if you had to choose between the two, Gov Ball or Coachella, which one would you prefer, based on the vibe?

Ed: Aww, don't make us do that. *laughs*

Justin: We never played before. We just came straight here. *laughs* We played Electric Zoo here a couple of years ago, but we just got here and had a coffee and came straight here. It's beautiful here today and we have a really good feeling about it today - NY is always showing a lot of love. There's been a lot of people tweeting at us about it and can get a gage of how much people are excited for it and a lot of our New york fans are coming out for the show - so we're excited.

Ed: You guys don't get too many big festivals out here (New York City)?

I: There's a lot of them. There's Afro Punk and Northside Festival is actually, next week. There's some in New Jersey - but come to think of it, not on the scale of SXSW or Coachella. So, Gov Ball is really on that scale. Ok, so another question, why do you call yourself the Glitch Mob?

Ed: It was actually something, it kind of started off as a joke, initially. Josh was sitting around with some buddies one night and just thought it would be funny and like kind of cool to start this thing called, "The Glitch Mob" And it really didn't start off like, "we're going to be a band and we're going to make music." It just started off as a group of friends and we just Dj'ed together and it was more like a... collective.

The name just really stuck. I think before we could change it or change our minds or anything like that -it just caught on like wildfire. It just really started like a DJ collective at the very beginning but overtime it shrunk down and evolved into us started making music together.

Justin: Yes, we just needed a name and it kind of stuck. Just because it basically felt good - but there's no deeper meaning.

I: There's no other meaning behind it?

Ed: No, it just It rolls off the tongue nicely. *laughs*

Justin: It was catchy at the moment

Josh: And actually, the word "the mob" came from when me and some buddies were joking around for like what we were going to do. There were a lot of people involved at first, there were like 10 of us, we were all DJs, and we were like "Oh, we'll just be this mob of DJs that show up and we just play music together. That's like technically where the word "the mob" came from.

Justin: It's interesting because of our just shows us that we never actually sat down and intended to do this-- it all just kind of happened. We were not like "Hey, OK guys, let's form a band"and "what should we call it" - like, it just happened.

I: Do you feel like you have a advantage because you guys are all together - where in the EDM industry, it's very solo?

Justin: We have the best job in the world. Yes, it's a very different thing. For us, we were friends long before we decided to make music together. So I think, getting to travel around with your best friends is great .We've all traveled around as individual DJs and seeing the world by yourself and spending time in hotels can be tough.

Josh: And getting to play on stage in front of different people is a lot of fun.

Ed: It's a lot more lonely. So, getting to share these experiences with your bros is…amazing.. It depends what you're going for, if you are DJ and you're doing the solo thing, there's nothing wrong with that.

Josh: And it's really great because in the studio we get to feed off each other ideas and stuff - it's just not like one person thinking about an idea and trying to tell a story by yourself, kind of being like "Is this good or not?" At times we can use each other as inspiration and bounce ideas off each other and one person can be like "yea, yeah you can try it like this or like that."

It makes the studio part and writing music,way more more fun and dynamic - I think it also let's us really experiment a lot more and to go big and not be afraid to do something way more - because maybe if you're by yourself you're like "oh god, should i be making this beat line so epic" and the other two guys are like "yea, just go for it!" It turns into a turn it up to 11 kind of experience.

Justin: Turn up to death. *laughs*

I: How do you feel about the current state of EDM music?

Justin: There's a lot going on right now, and it's really different in Europe. We were just in Europe and no one doesn't even know what EDM is in Europe - it's like an American thing.

Ed: There's no EDM over there.

Justin: EDM is like a specific thing that's happening in the states. So, right now it's a really exciting time because there's so many new fans and ultimately for us specifically, The Glitch Mob's mission is to spread our message and our music and to play to as many people as possible. So, the more ears, the merrier. I think like the festivals are bigger, the production is bigger and I would say at the same time, I would say the downside of all of this it's been a lot of big business and corporate interest taking something that was once unique and underground - and we all started doing this because we like music and when we started this band 7 years ago we never said, "Let's do this to make money" - in fact, it was a terrible idea at the time to try to make money because there was no one doing it.

I: Ok, so what advice would you give to someone trying to get into the EDM market right now?

Josh: Good Luck! *laughs*

Ed: I think, believe in yourself, hard work ethic, telling your own story and don't mind the haters. Speak your own truth.

Josh: Yeah, through your music. Just try to be unique in a very saturated market.You know it can be very intimidating.

Ed: Be yourself. Nobody can do you better than yourself. Ultimately, at the end of the day, somebody can try to copy somebody else, but they will just be... a copy.

Josh: Or like Dr. Suess once said, "No one is you-ier than you."

Justin: Yes, do your thing.

I: Ok, who do you all personally look up to in the EDM industry? Who inspired you to get into it?

Josh: It was mainly more the music, not necessarily just one artist or one DJ-- it was just the culture around it.

Ed: At the end of the day the fans. I think when the cool people don't think you're cool anymore --ultimately at the end of the day the only people who really have your back is your fans. That's been the main driving force through all this with the Glitch Mob, because we've been doing this long before there was any EDM culture in America and way long before all the Insomnia parties were considered EDM - we've been doing this stuff.

Justin: And musically for us, what we're attracted to is music that stands the test of time and stuff like, Massive Attack, all in that world. That's just what we like to listen to.

I: Speaking of what you like to listen to, who are you listening to right now?

Justin: I was just actually listening to this new Chrome Sparks record. It's really good, check it out.

Ed: Honestly, I've been listening to that new Drake record on repeat.

I: Which one?

Ed: The latest one.

I: *laughs" Ok, and how about you?

Josh: A lot of dub stuff, lately. Super chill music. I'm really into this group called After Clang, their from Denmark. They're really like weird, indie, trippy stuff.

I: Ok, last question, who is someone you would want to collaborate with in the future? - like someone you're dying to collab with? Besides yourselves *laughs*

Josh: These guys, right here, I want to collaborate with them again!

Ed: We really don't have anyone and honestly, I think we would all give you three different answers. There's like no one we def. have to collaborate with.

Josh: We're into like naturally letting it happen. We've collaborated with our friends on our record and stuff and that's to us like the best feeling, you know?


For more information regarding, The Glitch Mob upcoming tour dates, merchandise and more visit their official site.

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