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The Girl Scouts have joined the gluten-free fad

The danger in gluten is nonexistent
The danger in gluten is nonexistent

Gluten has become a big no-no in the minds of many Americans, and more seem to be jumping into the trend. The Girls Scouts have announced that in 2 weeks we will now be able to order gluten-free cookies that we might receive in a couple months...or more.

The gluten-free trend has been shown to be based mostly on hype, but that does not mean it is bad business. The gluten-free market is growing at a high pace and as more famous brands initiate sales of the wheat-shaming items, more people catch wind of them. Those who did not take the time earlier to look at why people might have a problem with wheat (other than legitimate allergies) may be inclined to give it a try.

Giving it a try is part of the issue with the new trend. There are legitimate cases of gluten allergy in the U.S., but now that there are so many people claiming to have this allergy without actually having it, the statistics can become shaky.

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