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The Girl Code: College females work to put an end to sexual assault

Three female college students decided to do something to take a stand against sexual assault on campuses. Their movement called "The Girl Code," is worth checking in to on your Facebook page. The mission of The Girl Code is all about inspiring students to be active bystanders, to actively work to prevent girls from being victims of sexual assault. They are certainly working with women to to this, but not forgetting about men. All bystanders can be activists and protectors against sexual abuse, if they are a witness to it.

Julie Gelb, Caroline Heres and Jackie Reilly are the three founders of The Girl Code. For some real insiration and a look into their movement, you should take a look at the Tumblr page here:

The country has been rocked by several noteworthy and devastating sexual assault cases in recent years. It seems more and more these cases are taking place at parties, where others were witnesses. If even one person at a party speaks up against something happening right in front of them, things could really change. There needs to be a society where students aren't afraid to speak up against rape and sexual assault.

They are using social media to share powerful images and statistics with the intention to inspire. One reads "GC Fact #1: 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail." And "GC Fact #2: No one in America is more at risk of being raped or assaulted than college women." Which is a quote from President Obama. This year, Obama started a task force to work against sexual violence on college campuses. You can read more of their facts and power quotes here:

These young women are creating buzz on campus, working to hold an event, but they are also making national news. Their wonderful ideas and activism are inspiring not only college females, but all people across the United States.

SU doesn't have to be the only college that takes part - other college females and males can take this and run with it. What do you think about The Girl Code? Leave a comment below.

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