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'The Girl and the Robot' coming to PS4

The crowdfunded game is coming to the PS4.
Photo courtesy of Flying Carpet Games, used with permission

"The Girl and the Robot" will be coming to the PlayStation 4, announced Thursday on the game's official Kickstarter page.

On the Kickstarter update section, Salim Larochelle of Flying Carpet Games wrote about the company's crowdfunded game gaining the attention of Sony. After working out a deal, "The Girl and the Robot" will now be available on the PS4, in addition to Wii U and Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux). Those who pledge $25 for a copy of the game will be sent a survey asking which version they would prefer. The announcement of another gaming platform being added hasn't affected the game's tentative release date of December 2014.

"The Girl and the Robot" was successfully funded on November 28th of last year. Originally set at $15,000, the finished pledge goal reached $38,033. The game follows a young girl trying to escape a castle ruled by a wicked queen. She then discovers a mysterious robot she can control with her magic pendant. By alternating control between the girl and robot with a push of a button, you'll fight, crawl, and solve your way out of the castle. The focal relationship between the girl and robot draws inspiration from "Ico," with the puzzle solving influenced by "The Legend of Zelda." Another credited source of inspiration are the animated movies by Studio Ghibli, such as "Castle in the Sky."

Despite the Kickstarter finishing last year, the game developers at Flying Carpet Games have set up an alternate way of supporting "The Girl and the Robot" through the purchase of an alpha version. Currently available on Humble Widget and Desura, the alpha version of "The Girl and the Robot" is used to give the public a taste of the game, and to report bugs. The alpha version is DRM-free and playable on PC, with a Steam and Wii U version coming soon.

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