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The gift that brings you luck.

Trinacria Sea Breeze Blue reminds you of Sicilian night breezes.
Trinacria Sea Breeze Blue reminds you of Sicilian night breezes.

Sicilian folklore says, “Hang the Trinacria over your door, and she will keep the bad luck away.” Pronounced (trih-ney-kree-uh), Trinacria is the Sicilian name representing Sicily and the three prominent points of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

She keeps the bad luck away.

The three legs in the bent position is the Trinacria’s appeal, and represent prosperity and good luck. There are many legends and myths about the origin and age of the “Trinacria,” no two stories have been alike. However old, she maintains her beauty.

The Sicilian Parliament decided to use the Trinacria symbol to represent the flag of the Sicilian region in February 2000, and it hangs in the Palazzo Reale. It is prohibited to duplicate.

“The Sicilian Trinacria is an exclusive ceramic here, because it never goes out of style. --- I guess luck is always in style,” chuckles a prominent vendor in Santo Stefano, Sicily. Beautiful hand-painted Trinacria figures can be found in ceramic shops throughout Sicily.

Designers are incorporating the Sicilian Trinacria in their decor, and you can find it in exclusive Home and Garden magazines, at, and Sicilian ceramic stores. For centuries, she has been popular for “the gift that brings luck.” The SicilianTrinacria is an interesting conversation piece. Rich in history, she is an “heirloom.”

Enjoy! 100 Years of Sicily in 100 Seconds, Credits: Script and Animation: Turi Scandurra Screenplay: Nino Arcidiacono Music: Peppe Gullotta

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