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The Gibson-Towers contract extension

Kirk Gibson (l) and Kevin Towers had contracts extended for an uncertain period of time.
Kirk Gibson (l) and Kevin Towers had contracts extended for an uncertain period of time.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's been a few weeks since a seemingly minor tweet turned into major news.

That's when the Diamondbacks' organization announced, via a tweet, that the contracts of both Kevin Towers, the team's general manager and Kirk Gibson, the field manager, were extended.

The existing deals for both were due to expired at the end of the up-coming season but now Gibson and Towers are back through at least the 2015 season.

It's rather interesting to note that both did not receive a resounding vote of confidence from with Derrick Hall, the club's CEO or Ken Kendrick, its' managing partner. Plus, the length of the contract extensions were not defined nor announced.

Both and, especially Towers, have said in the last year of any agreement, it is difficult to build and sustain championship teams without adequate time. Before the contract extension, Towers made it clear he would be handicapped without time to see if this winter's off- season additions contribute.

The notion of not announcing any length of the contracts also plays into the minds of these participants. With the mentality of winning now, it's possible Towers could rush into a deal or Gibson may operate in a conservative and careful manner

All of which puts the need to win now in an ever-present manner and levels the players into a possible position of pressing. Then again, the slight comfort of the contract extensions could create an environment of stability which both Towers and Gibson seek.

The bottom line now is squeeze more wins out of this team.

With identical 81-81 seasons the last two years, Towers and Gibson need to find ways to catch up with National League West contenders

If the figure of 92-96 wins is the target for post-season participation, starting pitchers need to pick up a collective 10 more wins and bullpen must be more proficient with less blown saves.

That could increase the win production by about 15 games and act to justify possible Towers and Gibson contract extensions beyond the 2015 season.

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