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The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventures of Rimi and Ritt


Nicolas Townsend Smith is an author who is about to introduce your to a whole new world. The storyline is all done, he needs help hiring an illustrator. Here is his plan in his own words: I will be working closely with my illustrator to create images for different scenes in the world of Rimi and Ritt. These images can take time to create and will be in full color. With between 10 and 20 images, my illustrator and I figure the paintings will take several months to create. During that time, my goal is to have the book professionally edited and laid out for final print. As the illustrations are received, they will be incorporated into the finished product. The editing, illustrating, and printing of the book will take several months to complete. Since I will be self-publishing with the help of a professional team, I expect the printing and distribution to be the part of the project that will be the easiest to accomplish. I will not have the delays of waiting for a full-publisher and will be able to respond to errors and challenges quickly. Since I have done this in the past, I know what to expect and am ready to face any additional challenges that may arise.

Rewards include books and storytime live!