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The Ghosts of Pere LaChaise

A film festival in Paris called Cartoon Movie (I’m sure it loses something in the translation) has named an animated film “The Ghosts of Pere LaChaise” one of the “highest profile” films exhibited. “The Ghosts of Pere LaChaise” is about a lonely girl whose life brightens up after meeting the inhabitants of Pere LaChaise, including Jim Morrison.

The little girl in the film visits the cemetery at night and discovers it comes to life with music and their composers including Jim Morrison, and Frederic Chopin. Although the full length film is still in development, a trailer has been released (see video above). It starts with the girl running through Pere LaChaise and the first headstone she passes is Jim Morrison’s. The animation is vivid and evokes a magical and mystical part of a child’s life.

The film will probably have a wide release because, and I’m only surmising here that there will be an American release since the girl in the film is speaking English. Variety has reported that this is the first year Cartoon Movie has invited Canadian and Australian distributors to the event. No word as of yet when the full length film will be finished or when it will be released.

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