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The 'Ghost' walks..New Lennon album gets a live demo tonight

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl showing how two hearts beat as one in The GOASTT
Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl showing how two hearts beat as one in The GOASTT
The GOASTT band

Santa Monica Boulevard's Forever Hollywood Cemetery will be echoing with the sounds of a very different 'Ghoastt' tonight as Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl deliver the West Coast live debut of their new album 'The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger' (due for release on Sean's own Chimera label this October). Tunes from the new album have been drifting accross the continent over the past few months and Sean's new band is begining to look like New Yorks very own ethereal answer to Glen Hansards Swell Season (who recently announced that they will no longer be touring after their current tour ends in 2011).

     Sean's new project not only clearly proves that the Lennon family salt has not lost any of it's saltiness (his brother Julian is also in the process of recording new material for release in the coming months) but also clearly vindicates Sean Lennon as a uniquely gifted artist and poet in his own right . There is little doubt that many will be drawn to tonight's show simply because of the heritage accompanied in the family name, but close friends and fans of father John will not only be pleasantly surprised by Sean's stage presence but they will also (just like John would have been )  be immensely proud to witness an artist who has matured and fully stepped out from his fathers shadow to create an album as beautiful and unique as any in the 'family archive'...and wether playing  as an acoustic duo or as a full band 'Goastt' is a musical entity worth revelling in every moment.

  The Ghoastt MySpace page is currently off line but songs from the new album are available on the GOASTT Facebook as well as the bands YouTube. Sean and Charlotte also prove that the Lennon intellect is just as sharp as ever in the interview they gave on the inspiration behind the new songs to August Brown in todays edition of the LA Times 

Tonights show starts at 9pm and tickets are still available here