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The Gestapo Of Ferguson Missouri

The Gestapo Of Ferguson Missouri
The Gestapo Of Ferguson Missouri
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The city of Ferguson Missouri has approximately 20,000 residents. There are 67% black and about 30% white. The city used to be made up of mostly white back in 2000 but over the years the ratio had changed. What hasn't changed is that the police force which consists of 53 members has only 3 black officers. The city administration is made up of mostly white. There has been unrest ever since the shooting death of a young black 18 year old by a white police officer.

Here is the strangest of all things, the police have been receiving equipment from the Department of Defense under what's called the 1033 program. This is a law enforcement program that allows municipalities the opportunity to pick up equipment to fight crime in their communities. Now this is rather strange for a community that only has some 20,000 people who really didn't have any sort of major crime in the town. Why then would a town of this small size need to have all the paramilitary equipment that has been seen lately on the TV

Rioting and looting has been taking place since the shooting. Most of the time though the protests have been peaceful. The police have been using tear gas and rubber bullets to try and break up the crowds. The police have been arresting anybody who doesn't move quickly enough when they are told to disperse. Two reporters and an Alderman were arrested when they didn't move quickly enough for the police the other night.

The force that this small police has been using is reminiscent of what the Gestapo of the 1930's Nazi Germany used on its own people. Has the United States of America begun to use the tactics of the Nazis. Many see that the use of paramilitary equipment and the training that is used leads to the officers thinking they are at war with crime and drugs. The idea that is being used is that the citizenry of the United States are just as armed as the police. Which is a falsehood that most of this country would deny.

Should the people of Ferguson be out and about destroying public property no they shouldn't. The family of the young man Michael Brown have called for no violence but that seems to be falling on deaf ears.

The country has taken up the cause to protest as among some 90 other cities have taken to the streets in protest of the police shooting. Seeing police officers in riot gear riding among military vehicles in a city the size of Ferguson makes a person think that government and local police have taken it upon themselves to make us as citizens feel as if we have gone back in time to what was called Nazi Germany.