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The Georgia Pig


South Carolina BBQ is few and far between in South Florida.   The locals seem to prefer the Memphis style red sauces over the vinegar based Carolina sauces so popular up in God's country.  This little  Ft. Lauderdale establishment was founded in 1953, by Linton Anderson.  The place has not changed much since then.  There are rules here, and they won't be broken by anybody. 

This place is old school from the minute you walk in the screen door.  There is no Maitre D'  to seat you, and the seating is limited to a counter and about twelve tables.  Oh yeah, the bathrooms are outside and the menu is your placemat.  The waitresses seem to have come from a 1950 diner, and they take no idle chitchat before your order.

The nameof the game here is pork.  This pork sandwich is the best in South Florida.  The difference here is the bark.  They slow cook their pork over an open pit and remove the bark,  and then throw the rest of the meat back into the flame making more bark.  They chop it up, put it on a bun with a squirt of their yellow vinegar sauce; Voilà a perfect pork sandwich.  Make it a deluxe and they will throw in a generous handful of steak fries and some cole slaw.   Make no mistake this juicy sandwich works.  The brunswick stew here is also top notch and on the spicy side.   They also have a daily special lunch plate.   Desert is homemade pies that are creamy and delicious.  Even the coffee is good.   The pig also offers beef sandwiches and ribs for those not into the pork. 

The Georgia pig is only open for breakfast and lunch.  Lunch gets busy and you will likely wait a few minutes before you get seated.  No credit cards here, cash only.   Linton's son Wayne runs the place now, and the rules are the same as his daddy's.  The Georgia Pig is located at: 1285 SW State Rd. 7, Fort Lauderdale, one block south of Davie Road on 441. 


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