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Run hands on process, known as ACCESS BARS is a massage on your head, there are 32 bars of energy that run thru and around your head that connect to different aspects of life. Experience ACCESS BARS yourself where your bars being touched for sleeping, clarity, calmness, inner peace, depression, frustration, sadness, anxiety are all improved. Available in 46 countries, people are having their bars run across the globe from the early beginnings in California where Gary Douglas first introduced "The Bars" in 1990. Added co-creation of Dr. Dain Heer over 13 years ago. You are capable of changing the world and people around you with your potent energy with private sessions of ACCESS CONCIOUSNESS is about empowering you with awareness, you perceive, know with consciousness and oneness. Target of access is to create a world that includes everything and judges nothing. Be present in your life in every moment without judgement of you or anyone else. Ability to receive everything, transform, change all things, create all your desires in life. Bars on your head store electromagnetic component of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, beliefs, that you have ever had about anything. There are bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money. Touch one bar and you begin to clear away energy locked up in that area or life. Adding another touch on the next bar you also get issues from the 1st bar touched and you begin clearing issues stored in the 2nd bar and so on. By gentle touching your head/bars you effectively erase everything you ever stored there. What an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, it's an amazing body process when being touched you begin to change every limitation, difficulty and aspect of your life that doesn't work for you. Like magic, it's not about what you do, it's about changing the energy of how your functioning in life that allows change to show up without effort, but with great ease. For private sessions and to find a facilitator in your area go to



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