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The generation gap - how it affects our dating style

The generation gap - how it affects our dating style
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Say what you will about dating but one thing is for sure, women of different ages want different things.

This article will tell you how women in their teens, 20's, 30's and beyond view relationships.

Teens -

Let's start off with teens. You have have your first steady boyfriend/lover in high school, things are new and exciting. You want to be with him all the time and gush to your friends about how amazing he is. You're in the 'puppy love' phase of your life. Since he is your first, you think he IS your life and you can't live without him. You don't know what the word commitment means yet because you're still just having fun.

Teens have a hard time dealing with heartbreak and although we all get heartbroken at one point or another, it carries on with us for some time. It can even lead into our 20's.

The way they look at it: "I need a boyfriend" ...because my friend has one ...because it's cool ...because it will make me a woman.

Advice: You can't rush into maturity by dating someone or having sex too early. This is the point in your life that dating should be fun. Cute boys come by the dozen, so date around - by this I mean see what's out there, what you like, what you don't like. Don't give your heart to someone who treats you poorly. Save it for someone special. Good things are hard to find but meant to last.

20's -

This is the time in your life when you think you have it all together, although that's far from the truth. You may have been seeing a guy for a couple of years now, you've matured in a sense, you now have a bit of knowledge about commitments. Although this may be true, you have much more on your plate than just Mr.right. You are most likely in college/university, planning a career, finding out who you are as a person and sometimes that can be difficult while juggling a relationship on the side.

The way they look at it: "I've been dating him awhile, I'm kind of bored but we already have history"

Advice: There's no reason why if you're bored with someone you can't just be friends. These are the partying days of your life that should be enjoyed in good company of just that - friends. On the other hand, if you have been with someone for awhile now and still feel that they're the person for you that's great! The next thing to do is take a mature step forward by asking all the difficult questions needed for this relationship to progress.

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30's+ -

At this point, you've essentially gotten your life together. You can support yourself, but something is missing. You go on several lousy dates and can't seem to find a man to live up to your standards. Just remember that men don't mature as fast as women do - he's out there somewhere.

The problem with when we hit thirty is that there seems to feel like a need to rush into everything. Like finding the perfect soul mate, getting married, having kids and a house with a white picket fence. These are the years we begin to lack patience.

The way they look at it: "He's the one" ...HE's definitely the one (basically every guy seems to be 'the one')

Advice: If you're single or committed at 30, you're simply thinking of one thing - the next step. Tying the knot. Don't rush it in any case, it scares men off. You need to sit back and enjoy what you have accomplished in your lifetime and know that when the time is right he will ask you. You will be glad you waited.

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