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The Gen X Life: Remembering our Nokia phones in the 90’s

The Nokia Cellphones
The Nokia Cellphones

With the latest invention of communication gadgets like cellphone watches, once reserved for make-believe worlds such as “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible” that we used to amaze ourselves with in front of our box-like TVs, it’s hard to imagine what else can trigger excitement among the new generation of today’s smartphone, tablet, laptop and Google glass users.

During the 90’s, our generation was relatively simpler and much easier to please.

Coming from an era where pagers were once the coolest gadgets to clip on one’s waist band or belt hole, we marveled at the invention of cellular phones that allowed us to text our messages ourselves and make or receive phone calls wherever we may be.

For as long as the bar signals on the left corner of our tiny phone screens were stronger than our battery life, it’s all good. It still beat the hassle of pouring out our filtered and tamed messages to an operator who had to transcribe those messages for us and send them to our pager recipients.

Those were the days.

One of the most popular cell phones, if not the most popular, back then were the Nokia series.

Those who did not have enough cash, especially youngsters, opted for the cheaper ones while those who could afford the cellphone maker’s high end, sophisticated and obviously more expensive mobile phones sported them like a fashion badge.

The Nokia cell phones were tinier than most of their brick-like predecessors without the visible antenna and they fit perfectly in one’s pockets.

The Nokia 5110 released in 1998 was a big hit as well as the Nokia 6120. The Nokia 3210 released in 1999 and 3310 in 2000 were also very popular.

The Nokia models evolved over time as they became sleeker, multi-functional and more user-friendly. But then a large number of “more innovative” and sleeker mobile phones came along and took over the cell phone market.

Unfortunately, although many remained loyal to Nokia, the competition among cellphone manufacturers has become too stiff even for the giant company.

Today, Nokia announced that its historic cellphone and services division became the latest acquisition of Microsoft Corp, a $7.5B deal that has already been completed and sealed.

As we say farewell to those wonderful gadgets of our youth, a vital piece that completes our Gen X experience, let’s look back at some of the fondest memories we have of our Nokia cell phones.

Aside from breaking up like Voltes V when dropped on any hard surface and getting reassembled with no problem, we generally jazzed up our Nokia cell phones with a variety of colorful cases, logos and ring tones that we could even compose ourselves.

Here’s what some of our Gen X friends have to share:

“I had to trade ringtone codes and get my Nokia case at a car repair shop and let them spray it with car paint for a unique color effect! LOL!” – Marj

“Nokia loyalist here too! I had a budget for cases, ring tones, and ring backs.” - Tenten

“Snake and Tetris games.” – Pinky

“I'm still sporting a Nokia LOL” Benny

“They are very solid, made for a great brass knuckle substitute.” – George

“Dropped my 3210 in the toilet and dried it up. Good as new.” – Jeff

“I remember being product manager for another brand and still carried a Nokia.....hehe” - Rami

Feel free to add yours.

Nokia, Microsoft complete $7.5B Cellphone Deal

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