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The Gaza flotilla incident...the facts are out there

Monday morning I awoke to the news story of the Gaza Flotilla incident. I saw images on television of anti-Israel rioters in Turkey and heard that Israel had killed 9 "activists" on one of the ships. I met an Israeli friend for breakfast who had been speaking to her sister in Israel just before coming to meet me. She related that when the Israelis landed on the deck of the ship, the "activists" attacked them, breaking their bones and throwing one overboard. I wondered why that information was missing from the news story I had just seen.

Israelis demonstrate in front of Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv
AP photo/Ariel Schalit

I arrived home later that day to find an e-mail from an acquaintance full of links to articles condemning Israel's actions in the incident. I looked for some reliable information on what transpired on that ship and was disappointed to find very little.

What a difference a day makes. By the next day, and each day since then, there has been exponential growth of articles, YouTube videos, information on social networking sites and television news coverage presenting the facts of the situation.

They are clear. There is video evidence of what happened on that ship for all the world to see. The flotilla members themselves admit they were there to break the blockade and delivery of any humanitarian aid was purely secondary. In fact, Hamas is not even allowing the flotilla aid to come into Gaza.

The Israelis were not prepared for violence, but aimed to reason with those who are unreasonable. That was their mistake.

Write President Barack Obama and your senators and congressman and let them know what you think about this incident.

Join Standwithus International on Facebook.

Read this article by Daniel Gordis in the New York Times.

Read this Chicago Tribune editorial.


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