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The gay venture for love in Grand Rapids

Pride flag
Pride flag

For gay and lesbian singles living in small towns such as Big Rapids or Sparta, or medium to small sized cities like Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, it may sometimes be very difficult to meet someone and begin the complicated, yet exciting dating process.

Upon first glance, a gay or lesbian, newly local to the area of Grand Rapids, may not think there is much to see and experience as far as the homosexual dating scene is concerned. To make this judgment however, would be completely unjustified. Upon delving into everyday resources such as the internet, it can be quite easy to find a local hot spot in Grand Rapids for meeting somebody new, or even just for a comfortable hang out.

In fact, there is actually a website created in, and for Grand Rapids that is specifically for openly gay people living in the area. See more at: Out in Grand Rapids features blogs, classifieds, news, and local venue information. OIGR is a great resource if you are looking for a gay friendly meeting place for a meal or even a night time spot for drinks and dancing. The site is perfect for reviews and specific information, as far as directions and phone numbers for local places.

Websites like the one above exist in multitudes, and present themselves with a simple Google search. If you are having trouble finding the local gay venues and feel discouraged, I would highly recommend the above link, or any similar website with local information. You might just be pleasantly surprised with the results!