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The Garden of the Gods in Denver -Colorado

Check the wonderful rock formations.
Check the wonderful rock formations.
Photo by Eilin Cabutto

The Garden of the Gods is a glorious natural creation which gives travelers and visitors a wonderful celestial view of Colorado Spring. From never ending trails like Gateway, Bretag, and Palmer to scenery for the most magnificent pictures, this is an awesome park that will provide travelers an extraordinary experience.

Whether you’re a fan of rock climbing, hiking, jogging, and horseback riding or simply enjoy a peaceful walk, the Garden of the Gods has all those options to offer with impressive rock formations and a breathtaking view of Colorado Springs. Although if you’re just looking for a great family time The Garden of the Gods also offers access to exhibits, gift shops, tours and food at the Café and the garden restaurant. There’s nothing more exciting and amazing than the way nature imposes itself unto men in such perfect way.

To enter the park is completely free so if you’re just looking to make a quick visit to take pictures and get to know the park that is great news. There is also some educational opportunities where you and your young ones can learn by watching a movie on how the rock formations were formed. This is the perfect chance to combine both learning and fun.

It is recommended that all visitors bring water, sunscreen, a camera and comfortable shoes. Last but not least, if you’re planning to visit the Balancing Rock leave it to the end, because it is quite a way from the main area of the park and is the perfect end for a wonderful visit.