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The Garden has flourished

Gardening is so refreshing and relaxing. After working all day, who really wants to take on another grueling task? Well, it depends on the assignment. After all, planting and harvesting a garden can be likened to a cherry on top of the dessert. To be sure, pulling weeds, swatting or running from bees and other garden dwellers can be nerve wrecking. However, reaping the benefits of eating kale, cucumbers, melons or other garden produce kind of makes the small inconveniences pretty rewarding.

The table is full of garden goodness and sharing is caring. Perhaps offering some of the goodies to friends, family and neighbors is a generous thought. Canning and freezing is another great option and dig those cook books. All of the hard work should not be wasted with rotting fruit.

Naturally, some of our hope for veggies will begin to decay. Some may chose to let the veggies fall to the ground and let nature run its course. Others may decide to pick up the decaying veggies and start a compost pile. Compost piles require work. However, the work will pay off with liquid gold or compost. It is amazing to see how old tomatoes, or other seeds will sprout in a compost bin. Simply amazing how nature works.

Whatever your decision, we have a few more months before the frost hits. So keep planting, pulling, weeding, sharing and eating. It is so worth it.

Just think after placing the hot and cold rub on an achy back or troubled feet, many can curl up in the recliner and snack on a bowl of crunchy cucumbers lightly topped with ginger dressing. Healthy and yummy.

Enjoy your garden goodies and better health and satisfaction as well.

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