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The Gang of Four throws down the (Infinity) Gauntlet

The folks at have done a remarkable job of designing superhero customs on par with those that Hasbro released with their Marvel: The Conflict Begins Heroscape game. Foremost among these are the members of the Comics Custom Creators Guild, known as C3G. But there are others, such as Matt Helm, Drew-Man-Chu, Shermandavies and Grishnakh, who have also made high quality custom superheroes designs. This April 9, a NYC-based group called the Gang of Four, consisting of four members of, will be mixing various superhero designs from various designers in a free-for-all game based on the Infitinity Gauntlet!

Chas, who will be hosting, will be playing an army centered around Thanos himself. He will have the scenario advantage of an extra set of order markers as well as the Infinity Gauntlet itself, and will be trying to gather all six of the Infinity Gems. He will have 2000 points of villains including Thanos. The other three players, known as Taeblewalker, Kolakoski and Shermandavies on, will each be trying to gain the gems for themselves. They will also have 2000 points each but only the normal single set of order markers, which will mean that they will have to gang up on Chas, at least in the beginning, before eventually turning on each other to try for the win.

The game will be an experiment in using customs from various different designers. The Gang of Four will be sure to report on the game on once it is finished.

The Gang of Four meets once a month in NYC.

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