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The gaming community sounds off about EVOLVE

Game: Evolve
Players: 4 v 1
Developer: Turtle Rock
Publisher: 2k games
Genre: 1rst/3rd person Shooter
Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Screenshots of Evolve gameplay
Screenshots of Evolve gameplay
Youtube channel Beast gaming
Evolve will be available on all platforms

The release date for Evolve is quickly approaching and official game play videos have been made available for all to see and the gaming community is well divided on the potential success of this game. On release in Fall of 2014, players will have access to 12 hunters (3 class groups), 12 maps and 3 monsters. The first complaint was that there wasn’t a great enough variety of monsters to choose from. Even though there was announcement stating 3 additional monsters will be made available as DLC.

Featured in a video by Beast Gaming on youtube you can see the game in action from every possible role which gives a great idea of general combat and movement mechanics. There was a point in the video when the Trapper known as Gryphon in the game fell victim to sneak attack from the monster. The community responded by saying for that to be a sneak attack and the length of time he was being assaulted The Trapper should have died but that was not the case. It gives the player the idea that even in a 1v1 scenario it would be difficult for the monster to ever win a match.

The popular consensus is the game has an awesome angle with having the boss monster be an actual player. The idea of being genuinely dependent on your team as a hunter also gives a necessary bonding feel to the game experience. The biggest turn off based on the footage is the appearance of unbalanced scales with the hunters having a ridiculous amount of health and or shields. Check back for more on Evolve and other games.

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