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The game of follow the leader got a face-lift

Open any newspaper and you will find so many things wrong with the outside world. Flick on any news program and you will only find more of the same. Just open your eyes and you can clearly see there is an over abundance of injustice and pain with little positive progress. The problems of today will one day be the history our children's children read about in school but I, for one, know I would rather leave them stories with happy endings to read about years from now.

When we are bombarded with so much negativity we have a choice. We can throw in the towel and exclaim "Why bother? I can't do anything about it." or we can rise up together as a unified people for great change. The only problem with this choice seems to be that we, as an organized chaotic whole, can be so very tempted to stick to the popular vote. We can easily overlook the core values and mores that help to create a happier people when the consensus is to not get involved.

When we view ourselves as small and ineffectual individuals it becomes all too easy to rely on the actions of others to help bring about peace. It is not easy to feel like an integral part of the world machine when we see ourselves as mere numbers in statistical reports. It is now time to no longer settle for being a number by taking a proactive role in the life of humanity. Together we can achieve great things.

Each one of us is a vital member of a society with something to offer to the whole. We each help to shape the future that is to come but what we do today determines the success of the many generations that will inherit whatever we leave behind after we are gone. Through our actions and words we teach our children. They learn from our every success and every mistake. They see more than we have ever given them credit for and are just as vital today as we are, if not more so.

When we live spiritually receptive lives we create an example of tolerance and love that tomorrow relies on. We must learn to accept responsibilities for our actions. It is our duty to sew the seeds of love if we are to nurture a stronger, healthier and happier tomorrow. Opening ourselves to the endless possibilities for positive change gives us far more courage and will to endure all things great and small.

Instead of dreading mounds of homework we must learn to appreciate our right to seek educational routes toward brighter futures. Instead of cursing a lousy job we must be thankful for what we have and find the value in knowing all work is truly noble. These small acceptances are but tiny steps in the right direction in growing as individuals but the key here is that these steps must be taken to get to where we are meant to go.

The mistakes of the past must not be repeated. If we are to grow we must continue on despite a world of negative influence. Only then can we begin to heal all that we, in our blind ignorance, have destroyed.

When others steal, cheat and kill we must strive to give freely, help each other during the hardest of times and heal through the power of love and tolerance. Do not just sit there shaking your head saying "What a shame that nobody helped.". DO something about it! A million hateful words can never drown out hope for a million voices crying for change will always sing loudest of all. Be a part of the good this world needs today.