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The game heroes of PS3: 2009 Edition


There are plenty of games coming to the Playstation 3, but only a handful will rise above all others, excelling the PS3 forward in this year ahead. Some characters will fade not long after their showpiece title comes out, but who will remain strong?


At the moment, the game is still being said to come in 2009. Near the top of heroes that will help the PS3 will be the God of War himself, Kratos. This will be his first appearance in the next-gen and his newest adventure looks to be even more epic this time around. With the power of the PS3 behind this game, expect larger battles, larger pieces of scenery, and impressive graphics.

We will watch how Kratos' story ends, more than likely, and Sony will benefit from having this hero on their side this year.


Sucker Punch's new hero in the game, Infamous, will do his fair share of stirring up the industry as well as dominating gamers' time in front of their consoles. With a mysterious situation as the game opens, gamers will find out who Cole is as they traverse the open-world game, jumping atop rooftops, riding the tops of trains, and electrocuting anyone who stands in his way. 

This exclusive title for Sony is a step in the right direction and if the game does well, gamers will want another title with Cole McGrath. A man with superpowers of an unknown origin who can do pretty much anything is a welcome addition to the PS3 line-up.


The sequel will be out in 2009 and there is plenty in store this time around for the everyday man's action hero, Nathan Drake. Uncharted 2 looks to be an even grander entry to the PS3 moreso than the original title. Nathan is very appealing to gamers with his quick wit, his ability to move about the environment with ease, and other things about him that draw gamers into his world.

Naughty Dog will hit it big later this year with Nathan Drake and his latest entry to the PS3 library. Let us just hope this adventure is as funny, exciting, full of action. Let us also hope that Nathan won't have to waste a full clip of ammo to dispose of a nasty pirate like the last outting.


The crazy duo is back for another adventure this year on the 2009 (Q3). The upcoming story will fill in some of the mystery that occurs after Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty and promises to answer some of the franchise's biggest questions. How will the heroes fare when they are united once again?

Ratchet and Clank will be showcased in their great gameplay full of humor, cartoony animated craziness, and there will be no doubt an impressive line-up of weaponry and gadgets at Ratchet's disposal.

Given the care and creativity of Insomniac Games, the heroes will continue to do well in 2009 and beyond.

Sure there are others who will do fine in 2009, and even some worthy heroes whose games have already came out this year or the year before. These are just a sample of the heroes that will make Sony a contender in the 2009 console war.

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  • cell989 5 years ago

    you forgot to mention Sack boy and that chick from Heavy Rain

  • PsychoSonic 5 years ago

    Yes! where is Sackboy?! and where is Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko?!?

  • yodathe3rd 5 years ago

    ok boys sackboy is 2008 not 2009. We would be lucky to see Kratoes this year but if we get to see him this year i would be stoked for some GOD OF WAR 3 action.