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The Gallagher’s return for a fourth season of Shameless

Everyone’s favorite scheming troubled family returns for a fourth season of Shameless.

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Shameless follows the story of single father Frank Gallagher, a drunken father with six children who take care of themselves. As opposed to most family style dramas, Shameless takes a more realistic approach to showcasing on how this lower income troubled family lives while dealing with their useless father’s alcoholism and their day to day lives.

Last season Jimmy struggled to balance his relationship with Fiona and his obligations to Estefania; Frank alienated his children and then tries to win them back; Karen returns and drives a wedge between Lip and Mandy with dire consequences. After things ended so differently for everyone there is no telling where things are headed this season.

Find out where the next chapter in the Gallagher’s lives take them when Shameless premieres January 12th on Showtime.

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