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The G8 Is Now The G7

The G8 Is Now The G7
The G8 Is Now The G7

Russia is not allowed to come and play with its former partners. At The Hague in the Netherlands the G7 met and kicked out Russia formerly making up the G8. Russia for years had tried to get into the club and because it wanted to get greedy and annex the Crimea the club had to make a decision that if Russia didn't want to play fair that they would have to say goodbye. The countries were going to boycott the summit that was to take place in Sochi, Russia because of the Crimean incident.

The United States and its allies are trying to let Russia know that they are not going to fight over the Crimea, but if they should go any farther into the Ukraine formidable sanctions would hurt the Russia purse.

Russia has already begun to take over the bases and the Ukraine has ordered its military out of the Crimea. What's funny though is the Crimea is vulnerable at this point in that it gets most of its water and electricity from the mainland which right now means the Ukraine. It seems that the Crimean capital of Simferopol has gone dark twice in the last couple of weeks.

Now we know Putin is not going to stand for that so he is going to have to move into the Ukraine and take over at least part of it to sustain living conditions in the Crimea. Putin is all this worth it?

The G7 relying on its good nature is not trying to ruffle Putin and let him know that if the Crimea is all he wants then go ahead and take it. The people of the Crimea seem to want to go back to Mother Russia anyhow.

Putin however has been adding more troops to the Ukrainian border and giving all signs that he is going to cross over and take part of the Ukraine if not all of it. Putin has lost his marbles. He is living in the old days of the Soviet Union and wants back all that left. He knows if it is going to happen it will happen now. Europe wants to put up with all of his actions as they get some of their oil from the Russians and until they can find alternative sources they have to rely on them for oil.

So Mr. Putin welcome to isolation as the west is trying to be nice and play ball but if you persist then we will have to say hit the ball out of the park, and your going to lose.