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The Future of Travel: Supersonic Flight

Spike Jet
Spike Jet
Spike Jet

Crowdfunding is all about the future, just like this project. Just imagine traveling from New York to London in 3 hours. Or LA to Tokyo in about 6 hours. Flight time to any international destination can be cut in half by flying at supersonic speeds. Soon you will be able to go to Paris for breakfast, surfing in Australia for the weekend or skiing in the Alps for the day. Crowd-funding is an opportunity for everyone to get involved, at an early stage, in the exciting prospect of developing a new supersonic jet. You can be a part of the future of aviation and make supersonic flight happen.

Your support in this campaign will help us complete the next phase of the aircraft development - check out the design plan here: Phase 2: aerodynamic and propulsion design and analysis. Supersonic means you get to do more and see more of the world. It's fast and comfortable. The design base has been created and this will be the fastest plane on the market that anyone can fly. Designing an aircraft is still no easy task. Aside from the engineering and manufacturing, there is the testing, certification, legal and financial aspects. It will take a lot of capital and time to build the Spike S-512.

This is about the design phase. You can learn about their team of experienced managers and designers on the main site

This is the next supersonic business jet!

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