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The future of the Slumdog stars

Frieda Pinto and Dev Patel

Danny Boyle's film Slumdog Millionaire made a huge splash in Hollywood and around the world in the last year. The film has been an absolute sensation sweeping the Academy Awards with eight wins. Slumdog's cinematic merit is not the only thing that people have taken notice to; the public now has a growing fascination with the casts personal lives as well. It was recently revealed the Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto were now in item (The oldest Jamal, and Latika). Pinto and Patel's personal life  is flourishing,  and their careers are now sky rocketing as well. Pinto is filming Miral which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2010, she also is planned to star in a Woody Allen film along side Nicole Kidman, and is rumored to be in the film American Empire staring Jeremy Piven.In addition to receiving film roles Pinto has also singed a contract to be the new face of L'Oreal Paris. Patel's film career is taking off with a role in M. Night Shaymalan's The Last Air-bender scheduled to be released in 2010. 

The children of Slumdog Millionaire are making headlines as well. Weeks before the Academy Awards reports surfaced that Rubina Ali and Azhuddarin Islaim were paid a small compensation in comparison to the films total gross profit. Rubina has unfortunately continued to make headlines for her family turmoil, within recent weeks Ali's father has been under intense scrutiny because of an incident surrounding an undercover story by the UK paper The News of the World  who claims Rubina Ali's father tried to sell her to a man he thought was a wealthy Sheik from Dubai. When Ali's biological mother heard the news she was caught on camera physically fighting Ali's pregnant step-mother. While Rubina Ali's home life seems to be deteriorating her career is blossoming, the young actress recently shot a commercial with Nicole Kidman in India.

Both AR Rhaman and MIA who helped provide the movie's sound-track were featured in TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People. The English Srilankan artist MIA who received world recognition for her hit single Paper Planes is fast becoming a pop-culture phenom, while AR Rhaman who is already on an almost godlike status in India is also now receiving acclaim around the globe.