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The Future of Retail: 5 Steps to Become an E-Commerce Project Manager


The world of business has gradually shifted from the traditional brick and mortar to online platforms. The many naysayers who termed E-commerce as a fad are now scrambling to set up websites for their businesses to reap the benefits.

Internet Retailer® reported that E-commerce spending in 2013 in the US hit approximately $262 billion, a 13% increase from the previous year. A projection by the US Commerce Department says that this platform will account for 10% of all US retail sales. These numbers clearly show the solidifying place of online marketing in contemporary business.

Future of E-Commerce

Like all new business practices, the question being asked today is what the future of E-commerce holds. In other words, if you have an online jewelry store, how will you sell your precious diamond solitaire rings ten years from now?

As an E-commerce jewelry store owner, you must have a reliable project manager to move your business into the future. This is a future where gradual changes will emerge in online marketing including:

• Custom-tailored and dynamic experiences: In a few years to come, your customers will have more demands on your diamond rings as they seek to satisfy their preferences.
• Growth of virtual communities: With more groups coming up online, your project manager will have to chart a way of tapping into such forums and creating a customer base. There are investment sites where members exchange information and your jewelry business must capitalize on such.
• Immersive: Customers want a humane feel while shopping and technologies with virtual reality display including Morpheus from Sony and Oculus Rift will soon have to be integrated into online shopping.

These are just glimpses of the bright future of E-Commerce which your jewelry business has to be ready for.

How to Become a Successful E Commerce Project Manager

If you want to run projects for an online jewelry store there are some steps you need to follow. Here is an overview:

• Education and training: There is no way of running a successful e-commerce project without technical training. You can invest in courses such as computer science and information technology (IT) for a start.

• Try entry level positions in E-commerce: It is imperative to understand how online marketing works and more importantly, what is required to execute projects to fruition. Working in an e-commerce business helps you get close to the workings of project management and your interest will definitely be rewarded.

• Research: It is important to know what is happening in this industry because it is ever-changing. New tools are emerging every day for use by project managers. You must know about them and try to apply them

• Incorporate management and communication roles: Your job as an e-commerce manager requires you to communicate the state of the project to the executive leadership while also resolving conflicts and competing priorities. Hence, ensure that these are your core skills at whatever job you start at.

• Create a network: As you progress up the ladder, ensure you do not burn bridges as every company you work for can call for your services in this role, in future. For example, if you are selling diamond solitaire rings today the online store might call you up in future as your reputation grows.

There you have it, as a project manager you have to prepare the business future needs with a proper plan. The future looks bright for every diamond solitaire rings store hence make sure you have the right skills to make it a reality.

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