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The Future of Nutrition Conference

Now more than ever, it’s time for a whole new understanding of nutrition. We have abundant access to facts and information in this exciting field, but we often need to search long and hard for true healing wisdom. Nutrition is a wildly diverse science. Every expert seems to have something different and even contradictory to say. This is both the beauty and the challenge of the quest to understand what truly nourishes us.

This is why I'm excited to let you know about the 1st Online Future of Nutrition Conference hosted by Marc David this month! The Future of Nutrition Online Conference is FREE, and goes live in a little more than two weeks.

The conference brings together new viewpoints, compelling ideas, and fresh insights that can make a powerful difference. It focuses on all of who we are as nutritional beings – body, mind, heart and soul. This highly unique FREE event showcases more than 50 top professionals and thought-leaders. They’ll deliver cutting edge ideas from across the nutritional spectrum – all with the clear purpose to advance our understanding in a powerful way.

Some of the Conference Topics include:

Energetics of Food
The Addictive Brain
Plant Based Diets
New Clinical Insights and Research
Ancestral Approaches to Food and Health
Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics
The Power of Your Gut Microbiome
Food Allergies
Eating and Exercise
Nutrition and Immunity
Insulin Resistance and Health
Managing Inflammation
Nutrition and Autism
Food and the Brain
Dieting and Metabolism
Nutrition for Fatigue
The Power of Fermented Foods
The Future of Supplements
Eating for Longevity
Food and Weight
A Deeper Approach to Nutrition

Come over and see this amazing list of speakers:
I hope you can join in! Click here to register for FREE! -

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