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The future of legitimate dj/electro acts in Albuquerque

The Moonlight Lounge's "Eclipse" nights can always get the kids moving.

There is a current push in Albuquerque to round up Electro artists and DJs from the abandoned warehouses and remote forests where they’ve traditionally resided, and instead offer them a proper home in the city. Local promoter Louis Mota has been integral in bringing such as LA Riots, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, The Crystal Method and DJ Gina Turner to local music venues like Launchpad, Lotus, Sunshine Theater and Moonlight Lounge, hoping to attract remnants of the once-vital rave scene and, in a sense, “legalize it.”

It makes sense on paper, and in most big cities they've long since done the math. Raves typically cost twenty dollars or more, making them more expensive than most shows at our local venues. Established promoters are also able to secure bigger and more popular acts than renegade production companies, plus the chances of the boys in blue bringing the whole thing down are much slimmer. But is that enough? Shows at most venues in Albuquerque make a huge profit on drinks sold, but alcohol is rarely the drug of choice for connoisseurs of the electro scene. Can the same margin be obtained by overpriced bottles of water? And what about value? Even though the cover charge comes in at less than a rave, the dollar figure per hour doesn't always add up. Raves can notoriously keep the midnight oil burning right up 'til morning, whereas local shows are over by twelve or one thirty at the latest. There are also concerns about the inadequate sound system and acoustics at the Sunshine Theater, which is notorious for ruining great shows to the point where some customers boycott the venue.

Thus far the attempts to promote the DJ and Electro acts have been admirable, but attendances have seemed disappointing. Maybe it’s the lack of thrill that comes from attending these legitimate shindigs, or maybe just paranoia of the inevitable pat-down at the door, but word on the street is if this current run of shows doesn’t pay off for the venues and promoters then they might just disappear forever. That would be a shame, because wouldn’t it be nice not having to drive seven hours to Denver to see Justice next year?


  • Veve 5 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up about the show last night! I'm glad I was able to catch it!

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