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The future of hair extensions

Fashionably chic with stylish brunette curly hair extensions
Photo By: Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Stylish new hair extension projections

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the curve with hairstyle fashions. It may be time to consider updating your current hair design to a more modern and fun image with professional salon hair extensions. Hair extensions remain a safe and sophisticated hair fashion option, offering you instantaneous makeovers with exciting new length, volume, highlights and lowlights. There is always the excitement of what will happen with future hair fashion trends. One quickly growing trend is hair extensions. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA partners; Vikki Parman and Dale Aho share their expertise and forecast for the future of hair extensions.

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA Experience and Expertise: Several weeks each month, the Di Biase Hair Extensions USA team is on the road holding certification workshop classes for hair designers and visiting their affiliated salons across America. Parman and Aho have spoken with salon owners, hairstylists, consumers, cosmetology instructors and students to gain a deeper understanding of the regional demographics and personal business challenges. They have trained hundreds of hair extensionists and hairstylists which has given them insight as to the direction that the hair extensions business is now heading.

We often do not consider the advanced training required by our hairstylists and hair extensionists. With the informal training presented on YouTube, Vimeo and other online do-it-yourself resources, it is simple for hairstylists to opt for the free and uncertified options versus the proper training from a certified hair extensionist educator. It remains essential today for consumers to find out more about their hair extensionists’ education and qualifications. An accredited educational background can affect proper hair extension application and the quality of hair they are applying. If the salon and hair extensionists you are frequenting do not have the proper education, you may not get the healthy hair you desire.

European & American Models For Hair Extensions Training: In Europe, every new hairstylist is first trained in hair extensions by cosmetology schools offering complete certification education classes, so the hair designers will be ready to properly apply extensions once licensed. As for what to look forward to in hair extensions; the use of finer bonds for the underserved group who suffer from thin and thinning hair will be a major focal point in the future. On a recent visit to Italy; Aniello Di Biase, founder of Di Biase Hair Extensions in Italy, was amazed and impressed at the high quality of Vikki Parman’s application methods as well as by her American trained hair extensionists. Here in the USA, great quality basic certification and advanced educational training is offered by most professional hair extensions companies. Most hair extension companies will continue to offer and urge hands-on certification training programs, yet find themselves unable to regulate quality by those who have been trained.

Thinning Hair Demographics: An inspiring development is in the growth of thin and thinning hair challenges. Working with thinning hair on top of the head is made easier with Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, which has bonds that are fine and lightweight. These hair extensions may be custom cut to size. They can be applied on all surfaces on the head, including attaching them to the sides and on top of the occipital lobe. When combined with the flat wrap bonding technique, hair extensions above the occipital will help restore confidence and give you a positive new image.

Vikki Parman created and manages the Di Biase Hair Extensions USA national educational program. She has a deep concern and empathy for those who suffer from the challenges of hair loss and thinning hair issues. After years of work and study, she decided to reach out to hairstylists and to hair loss sufferers. She has recently developed a special new certification workshop to help salon clients with the challenges of thinning hair. Parman notes, “Hairstylists are the most giving professionals. We are in the business for the primary reason to help make our clients look and feel better about themselves. Working with thinning hair clients is a good fit even for hairstylists who have not considered hair extension work before, as their client base is opened to a variety of new opportunities.”

Hair extensions will definitely continue to grow in popularity over the coming year. Just like the celebrities who use hair extensions to enhance their image; consumers will continue to seek a new look while also using them a beneficial solution to fine and thinning hair. With today/s most versatile adhesive, clip-in and bonded hair extensions, there is a solution for every hair challenge and fashion trend.

Join The Extended Revolution! Di Biase Hair Extensions USA offers a wide variety of 100% human Remy hair extensions with bonded, adhesive and clip-in application techniques. For a complimentary hair extensions consultation or to find an affiliated Di Biase Hair Extensions USA salon near you, call 248-885-4748, email: or visit:

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