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The future of green spas

Go green at your spa with and Eco fin Shea Butter Hand and Foot Treatment
Go green at your spa with and Eco fin Shea Butter Hand and Foot Treatment
Photo Shared By: Universal Companies

What does it mean to be green? Has your salon and spa joined this growing trend?

Is your local salon or spa providing eco-friendly services and products and operating in a sustainable manner? Salons and spas who consider themselves to be “green” have the basic goal of reducing their environmental footprint. They may start small, with recycling and reducing their waste, using natural and organic professional products in treatments, or reducing toxins by using natural cleaning products. Larger measures may include using environmentally friendly building materials, solar lighting, low-flow shower heads and toilets, energy efficient air conditioning and appliances, or green laundry systems. Many salons and spas may also choose to reflect their eco-friendliness in their treatments, providing healing, natural, or wellness-oriented services. What will the future of green spas be and what can you expect from an eco-friendly salon or spa?

Waste-Free Treatments: What if your spa treatments were leaving a waxy footprint in landfills? Mariah Culbertson, Product Development Manager for Universal Companies, recently developed a green treatment that saves spas money and waste. Culbertson researched that paraffin hand and foot treatments contribute eight ounces of petroleum based wax into landfills with every service. She says, “Some spas offer hand and foot treatments as add-on’s with every treatment! That is a lot of wax going into landfills. We wanted to create a new concept, something similar to paraffin products, but with even better results. Part of the attraction of paraffin wax treatments for the hands and feet is the heat therapy. We tried to think of what would be better for the skin, as paraffin is often drying. We wanted something natural and nourishing, so we used a combination of shea butter, coconut oil, plant oils and natural scents to create a new hand and foot treatment that is petroleum-free.”

Eco-fin Add-ons: Culbertson’s new treatment developed into the eco-fin line of eco-friendly spa products. Eco-fin hand & foot treatments are 100% disposable and biodegradable to keep paraffin waste out of landfills. Spa professionals simply place pre-measured treatment cubes in the biodegradable mitt or bootie liner and machine washable muslin sleeve and heat. Your hands and feet will be cocooned in the eco-fin sleeves and warm, aromatic, herb-enriched mitts to soothe dry skin and tired muscles. Culbertson notes, “Eco-fin is a great green spa service and allows spas to offer something 100% natural, as even the liner is compostable. It helps spas and salons to be more sustainable and responsible, which means a lot to consumers.”

Green Spa Products: Eco-friendly salons and spas have researched alternative products that can save waste in landfills, use less toxins, and cause less pollution. They may use organic cotton sheets, blankets, towels, and robes that use all natural processing for less environmental impact. They may use compostable table liners and mitt and bootie liners that are UV activated and biodegradable. Green salons and spas may offer DBP, toluene and formaldehyde-free vegan nail lacquers, as well as organic and gluten-free body and skin care products. Retail items may include organic coconut wax candles that contain no petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, or chemical dyes. Green spas will use fresh, organic food from small producers if they have a spa café, or have an organic garden on-site for herbs or other spa treatment ingredients. Look for treatments that highlight local resources, such as a honey and sugar scrub using locally sourced organic honey. Forward thinking spas may even offer classes in cooking, nutrition or healthy spa treatments and show guests how to make their own at-home spa products!

Future Spa Trends: The Green spa industry continues to flourish and there are many future trend predictions. Services catering to Baby Boomers with anti-aging, luxury, and a blend of medical with traditional treatments will be in demand. Services geared toward Gen X’ers and Gen Z’ers will consist of economical, ecological, and high-tech elements. Future trends will include more creative services provided out of the treatment room, at poolside, in-the-forest, and on-the-beach. “Earthing” movements include services that promote direct contact with the ground and elements of the Earth. Ayurvedic and traditional indigenous healing treatments will continue to rise in popularity. Men’s treatments also continue to grow strongly, as will non-invasive high-tech services such as lasers, microcurrent, and ultrasound. Personal genomic testing and telomere testing promises to deliver the best preventative anti-aging and lifestyle predictions. Finally, wellness services are growing exponentially in spas with increased attention to stress reduction, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling. The sky is the limit for future Green spa services. The integration of wellness with every other aspect of our lives continues to increase and be accepted as a necessity in today’s world.

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