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The future of computers

Home tower computer on a desk next to dvd case
Home tower computer on a desk next to dvd case
Hannaford via Flickr

With Smartphones ruling the market, one might ask, what is the future of the desktop computer? Computers have migrated from huge, bulky desktop monitors and towers to small space saving, convenient all-in-one processors and lightweight laptops and netbooks. With all the competition between innovative laptops and tablets, how will the desktop computer evolve from here? Some say that the desktop computer is a thing of the past, while others say it will take on a whole new definition in the years to come. When trying to foresee the oncoming technological advances, there are a few trends to look at:

1. The evolution of the Application

With more and more applications popping up on smartphones, tablets, televisions and computers, one may consider them one of the biggest trends in emerging technology. Applications are ingenious because they no longer need large amounts of storage space on your actual device. Applications generally save bulk data in online servers, freeing up your device to either do more or stay considerably smaller in size than programs on a computer. In recent years, computer manufacturers and software programmers have harnessed this technology because of its convenience and space saving ability.

2. Cloud technology

Just like the mobile application, cloud technology harnesses the power of the web allowing users to simply save to a server somewhere without having to save info on their own device. Cloud technology is unique because it allows users to upload information like pictures and videos to an online server that instantly distributes it to all devices connected to the network. If you just downloaded a book to your tablet and the battery dies, no worry, just open the application on your smartphone and it is there right where you left off.

3. Smart docks for tablets.

If you have ever used a tablet, you know that it is not particularly a device you would like to type on for any extended period of time, the onboard touchscreen keyboard is not exactly the ideal situation for the online blogger or college student. If you are a collage student, however, all you have to do is purchase a keyboard dock. Simply plug your tablet in to the keyboard, and now your tablet is just as convenient as any laptop.

Considering that all of these technologies already exist, it is fair to critically consider the future of the desktop computer. Will the computer evolve into a super tablet capable of mobility and convenience or will the desktop computer be put to use in other scenarios like integrated home directories and voice recognition for appliances and light switches? One thing is sure, there will be some huge breakthroughs in computerized technology in the near future.

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